Idris Elba has tested positive for coronavirus

Women around the world are currently up in arms because their collective boyfriend Idris Elba has tested positive for coronavirus.

Elba made his announcement on Monday.

“This morning I tested positive for Covid 19,” he wrote. “I feel ok, I have no symptoms so far but have been isolated since I found out about my possible exposure to the virus.” wrote Elba

Elba is the latest celebrity who has tested positive with coronavirus. The most dominant up until this point being Tom Hanks.

The world is on alert right now. The best thing to do is to get prepared and not panic.

In the meantime to keep your spirits up check out the video for “Boasty” below


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Top 3 Albums of 2014

It’s been an interesting year in music. If you have been paying attention you can see the shift has all but solidified itself with respect to how music is consumed. Streaming and mobile consumption has taken over. The amount of times a release has been streamed is now included in the 1st week album sales. The landscape is truly different.

As a result of such a different industry the idea of a full project almost seems foreign. We are in a single driven world. Artists are given multi million dollar deals based off of one song. It is because of this that everything in my humble opinion has been watered down.

The full release or complete album is now an anomaly. I heard my share of music in 2014 some was great and some was not so great.

Here is my list of the Top 3 Albums of 2014

3. Flying Lotus “You’re Dead”


I first caught wind of this project about a month ago. I never really considered myself a fan of Flying Lotus. I have always known who he is and his pedigree, however I never really plugged in. When I saw the video for “Never Catch Me” with Kendrick Lamar I was intrigued. I needed to hear more.

“You’re Dead” is like an palate of sounds used to paint a beautiful picture. It brings to mind a Herbie Hancock sort of vibe. The Hip Hop influence is there and so are traces of Trance, R&B, EDM and Soul. With that being the case it still manages to be it’s own thing. If you are looking to get lost in a tapestry of sound then this is the album for you.

2. D’Angelo and The Vanguard “Black Messiah”


Let me start this out by saying FINALLY!!! After 14 years of will he or won’t he, flipped cars, drug arrests and Questlove statuses, D’Angelo finally returns with “Black Messiah”

Autotune has been the standard for the past few years and at this point it’s almost unimaginable to hear an artist not use it. It becomes tiresome and repetitive. Hearing D’Angelos voice is nostalgic. It reminds us that people are still making music and it’s ok if people don’t know what you are saying if the groove is funky. “Really Love” is one of the stand out tracks. It feels so good to hear that groove. The way the internet blew up when this album dropped proves I am not the only one who finds some satisfaction that D’Angelo decided to comeback.

1. Precise “Ladies Love Mixtapes”



If you are wondering if I am making this my number one pick because it is my release , then I would say you are 50% right. The other 50% is that I delivered the world a concept driven album. The production on this project if amazing. Tye Hill and D.J Thunder deliver amazing lush soulful music that is complimented extremely well by Precise (thats me). The stand out tracks are “Im Dreaming” and “Take Our Time”.

If you truly want to experience what I call Adult Hip Hop this is the release for you. I am not ashamed to say I am proud of this album and I cant wait to deliver more classics to you in 2015.


Those are my favorites. What are yours? Let me know below. Leave a comment!!

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Precise – Summer Shows For Peace – Chicago

Gonna be a busy summer. I need to see YOU at EVERY event this summer.

We are doing this to change the vibration, shift the tide and change the world. Promote what is positive. Focus on your greatness. WE ARE AWESOME!!




J-Roc, Young J.O and Precise – I Wanna Live – Video

Voice of Englewood is working to change the world.

Give a $5 Gift to Change a Life

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Crushers Club is a boxing gym/studio in the heart of the violence ridden community of Englewood in Chicago. The founder Sally Hazelgrove is passionate about changing the circumstance and has enlisted the talent of the young men she works with and the veteran emcee and motivational speaker Precise to help raise awareness and funds for this cause of change and uplifting the community.

They created the song called “I Wanna Live”

Artists: J-Roc, Young J.O and Precise

Produced/Filmed and Directed by Young J.O

We are Restoring The Path to greatness through Crushers Club.

Please Give $5 to change a life.

Text “crushers” to 501501

Sally Hazelgrove and Crushers Club will be featured on the CNN series Chicagoland April 17 2014.

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An Open Letter to Myself – Greatness!

Whew…This month has been very interesting and challenging. It has been a while since I felt so restless. I feel my passion growing. Im hungry. Im determined. 

The challenge is knowing that this is happening in stages, and for the most part I have no idea how everything is going to unfold. Anticipation, internal frustrations and hesitation sometimes cause me to linger on past failures, and ponder on the possibility of failure.


Failure is not an option. Lingering in the past and nervous anticipation with respect to what the future holds is a distraction.

EVERY experience is important when it comes to the development of this amazing blessing. Every single person you meet, every one of those times when you felt slighted, each situation when you felt you were treated unfair and those moments when you feel like nothing is going right you have to understand that it is part of the journey. 

You are not here by accident. What you have to offer is important and necessary to the universe. Your energy and vibration add to the rhythm of life. 

Do not despair. Stand tall. Be certain in this moment. Live in this moment. 

RISE to the occasion! Bask in your GREATNESS! 

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive


How do you feel? What is holding you back? Feel free to share in the comments. 🙂

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Power Up!! – Don’t Be Swayed – Stay Focused


This moment is an opportunity for all of us to gain a clear perspective and move forward into our good. As we embrace our greatness we begin to filter out what may be hampering our growth. When we are present we become more aware of forces that may cause us to stray from our path. Do not be swayed.

We have a duty to ourselves and the universe to maximize our time and live our purpose. It is within our purpose that we add on to the good of our lives and the lives of other. Eliminate toxins of negativity doubt and hate. Surround yourself with people who know their true power.

We will continue to prosper and grow because this is what we are ment to do. Believe in who you are and Thank God for who you are.

Stay Focused – Positive and Productive

How do you feel? Whats on your mind? Leave a comment, like, share. 🙂


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ANNNND…if you missed the last Power Up hit the link below

POWER UP!! – Six Months Later – Burning Bowl – Change – Realization

Whats Really Going On!? What is Right With Us!?

Tuesday was such a strange day. I wake up and check my facebook and all I see are pictures of this beautiful infant who is six months old.

JonylahWatkins6montholdBabyTragicallyShotandKilledInChicagoVideoInsideJonylah Watkins 6 months Old

This child is yet another victim of this rising murder rate in Chicago. I make a concerted effort to avoid this news because of how it makes me feel. I feel like we are being attacked by negativity everyday and not watching the news is not enough anymore. We have to shield ourselves from a constant barrage of bad news.  Fast Forward >>>>>>>>>>

So…. Im at work Tuesday and its just like any other day. Im helping customers and kind of going through the motions, just another day. Of course my co-workers are discussing this horrible tragedy that I have been trying to avoid and I try my best not to comment on it. I never do.

The day continues…faxing…answering the phones…being corporate….work. Occasionally I may hear someone speaking on their cell, sometimes they talk LOUD!! Today this “young lady” was in the vestibule talking REALLY LOUD and saying every curse word you could think of to whomever she was having a conversation with.

Security approaches her and asks her to step outside if she is going to speak so loudly…She calls him a name and then says F U as she goes outside. Then she comes back in as if she is about to be serviced. She was escorted out.

I’ve had conversations with many people concerning this energy that people seem to be emanating. For some reason it seems as though negativity is fighting for its life and   people seem to gravitate towards it so easily. Why is it like this?

The reason I blog is to speak my mind and represent a voice that is working to turn the tides and tip the scales when it comes to how powerful we truly are. It is up to us to make a choice and not buy into this low energy.

Speak words of power, be kind to people, embrace the spirit of love.

When you pay to much attention to media in general you will be bombarded with BS. Its time to be selective and deliberate. Speak Life Into This World and see the world Change. We are blessed. Thats right.

What are your thoughts on this current state we are working ourselves out of? How do you stay encouraged? I would love to hear your thoughts. 🙂



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What Ladies Love – Silver Linings Playbook – Are we all Crazy/Mentally ILL?

Whats Good World!!!!

Welcome to the ninth topic in this series entitled What Ladies Love.

Its been a while since I posted anything with respect to this series because I have been sooooo busy, however IM BACK!!! If you would like to read the previous post you can click here. We got some good feedback from that one. Now lets get to it.


Last night I finally got around to watching ‘Silver Linings Playbook” after much belly aching because of the snub “Beasts of the Southern Wild” and Quvenzhané Wallis received from the academy. I got over it and decided to see why the academy chose Jennifer Lawrence as best actress and why people where so into this movie.

If I were to judge a book by it cover or rather the posters used to advertise this movie, I would have dismissed this as a date movie. The only reason I had any level of interest was due to an interview Bradley Cooper the lead character did on “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross on Npr. The story seemed to have some more depth, so I dived in.


Bradley Cooper’s character Pat Solitano is released from a mental illness facility that he was placed in because of an episode he had after coming home and finding his wife in the shower with another man. In my opinion he reacted just as I would expect any husband to react when he catches his wife sleeping with another man. HE BEATS THE SHIT OUT OF HIM!!


Whats interesting about this is that Pat leaves the facility intent on getting back with his wife. He says he has grown as a person, he lost weight and he has learned that in all the experiences in life it is best to stay positive and find that “Silver Lining” He meets Jennifer Lawrence’s character Tiffany who is a widow and as a result has become this promiscuous woman about town. They initially bond over their experiences with familiar medications.


Pat’s dad played by Robert De Niro is a Philadelphia Eagles fan who is banned from the stadium because of all the fights he got into and he is highly superstitious and says Pat brings him good luck during the Eagles games and that he should stay and watch them with him, and he is OCD. Each one of the characters has this quirk that defines them. It made me want to examine this a bit deeper.

I can really relate to Pat and his desire to get back with his wife. I remember when I was fresh into my separation  I thought that if I could change some things, focus more on what I wasn’t doing before and become a better person that my wife would take me back. I just knew that she loved me and that we could overcome any and all obstacles. I was out of work so i found a job. Then I discover that she is pregnant with another mans child. This almost destroyed me.

I watched the scene in the movie where Pat catches his wife and could see myself in that same position. I’m happy I wasn’t in that position cause Im sure it wouldn’t have had such a happy ending. Now…does the fact that I would have possibly reacted the same way make me mentally ill?

I am kinda of shortening the scope of Pats illness, he was dealing with it all of his life and that specific moment he snapped. Tiffany lost her husband a Police Officer suddenly while he was trying to rekindle the spark in their marriage, as a result she became promiscuos and was given medication to help deal with her depression.

The way I see it all of us have this capacity to be considered mentally ill based on our quirks and how some people may perceive us. The one thing I got out of this movie was that each and every character was dealing with some type of stress that affected who they were mentally.

As much as this movie is about mental illness, it is mostly about overcoming it. Pat embraced positivity and exercise and believing that having hope works. Tiffany represented that extra push…that voice of raw truth that all of us need. Jennifer Lawrence did an Awesome job with her character. I still think Quvenzhané Wallis should have won…lol


Now…with all that being said…I want to ask… Are all of us mentally ill/crazy and can it be overcome? Share your experience. I would love to read what you think. 🙂


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