Whats Really Going On!? What is Right With Us!?

Tuesday was such a strange day. I wake up and check my facebook and all I see are pictures of this beautiful infant who is six months old.

JonylahWatkins6montholdBabyTragicallyShotandKilledInChicagoVideoInsideJonylah Watkins 6 months Old

This child is yet another victim of this rising murder rate in Chicago. I make a concerted effort to avoid this news because of how it makes me feel. I feel like we are being attacked by negativity everyday and not watching the news is not enough anymore. We have to shield ourselves from a constant barrage of bad news.  Fast Forward >>>>>>>>>>

So…. Im at work Tuesday and its just like any other day. Im helping customers and kind of going through the motions, just another day. Of course my co-workers are discussing this horrible tragedy that I have been trying to avoid and I try my best not to comment on it. I never do.

The day continues…faxing…answering the phones…being corporate….work. Occasionally I may hear someone speaking on their cell, sometimes they talk LOUD!! Today this “young lady” was in the vestibule talking REALLY LOUD and saying every curse word you could think of to whomever she was having a conversation with.

Security approaches her and asks her to step outside if she is going to speak so loudly…She calls him a name and then says F U as she goes outside. Then she comes back in as if she is about to be serviced. She was escorted out.

I’ve had conversations with many people concerning this energy that people seem to be emanating. For some reason it seems as though negativity is fighting for its life and   people seem to gravitate towards it so easily. Why is it like this?

The reason I blog is to speak my mind and represent a voice that is working to turn the tides and tip the scales when it comes to how powerful we truly are. It is up to us to make a choice and not buy into this low energy.

Speak words of power, be kind to people, embrace the spirit of love.

When you pay to much attention to media in general you will be bombarded with BS. Its time to be selective and deliberate. Speak Life Into This World and see the world Change. We are blessed. Thats right.

What are your thoughts on this current state we are working ourselves out of? How do you stay encouraged? I would love to hear your thoughts. 🙂



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9 thoughts on “Whats Really Going On!? What is Right With Us!?

  1. I have definitely been experiencing the negativity at all angles lately. At times it could be so intense that it drains you and in turn causes you to act negatively.When it comes to negative people, I’ve decided to either completely ignore it or abide by the old cliche “Kill them with kindness.” I have this vision of a positivity forcefield surrounding me and the negativity just bouncing off.

  2. Everytime I see lil’ momma face, it posses me off cause how in the world could shoot a 6 month old baby? She didn’t do nothing & now her life is gone. And, for what? Put the guns down, Gods!

  3. I too try my best to stay away from watching the news I prefer to listen to positive audio that is uplifting and teaches me at that same time. I’m constantly surrounding myself with positive people and feeding off of their energy. Although it is hard when you hear of such tragedy especially when it hits so close to home no matter how hard you try to turn if off it gets to you somehow and you have to face it. I’ve said for awhile now that I think Rahm should bring in the troops and just let them go to work on these streets…to me it’s gotten that bad. Outreaching to young parents who are raising these children and working with them to improve their home atmosphere and raising of their children to see the better side of life is what needs to happen as well. It starts in the home and when momma and daddy don’t care that’s when their children turn to the streets to care…sad but true.

  4. Negativity breeds more negativity. I surround myself with positive people and try to keep my thoughts positive and productive. I eliminated all of the toxic relationships I had in my life and although I wish no ill will on those people, they have no place in my life.

    It is unfortunate that we live in a society where the young lady mentioned in the post felt it was appropriate to curse out the security guard due to a simple request. Our young people are not being raised well, and sadly, it is the adults of MY generation that have been breeding these ignorant, uncultured young adults.

    If we strive for excellence in our lives and demand that of others, perhaps things will change. It will take a LOT of work though, and I can only stay optimistic and hope that our Black men and women will start conducting themselves accordingly and reach back to help those who need it the most. The “fools” of our society will be resistant to change but if Barack Obama can become President, then anything is possible.

    • Tiff I do feel like our generation is responsible for so much of this…the beauty of it is it is not too late…we can turn it around by being an example of greatness.

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