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The definition of success in the entertainment is faith, hard work and passion. With these elements, an artist born can soar to new heights. The journey began for Eddy Lamarre the lyricist who would become Precise. Chicago native Precise developed his skills from his experiences as a child attending his father’s band rehearsals. His father was guitarist and saxophonist in a local band. Precise of Haitian heritage always had music part of his life. “ Growing up in a Haitian household music was always prevalent,” Precise recalls.

He started off as a DJ but always knew he wanted to rap. After competing in a talent show at Olive Harvey College in Chicago, the judge’s Producer/DJ Terry Hunter and Armando gave him great feedback. These comments gave Precise the encouragement and confidence to pursue his dream.  Upon his meeting aspiring artists Chris Rice a.k.a. “Ideal” and Victor Moore a.k.a. Creole, they formed the group Nubearth. As a group, Nubearth toured in Chicago and regionally. They had the opportunity and memorable experience of opening for Common at Northern Illinois University.

This preparation was building Precise the ability to express himself musically, lyrically and command the stage. The stage is a natural setting for him to entertain and perform, the messages through all of these experiences.


Precise on 2nd Season of Empire with Terrance Howard

Precise’s influences range from hip-hop legends KRS-One, Rakim, Slick Rick, Black Thought of The Roots, Guru of Gangstarr and Mos Def were instrumental in shaping Precise’s style as a lyricist.

“ I would describe my rap style lyrical substance drawing from the original blueprint of the hip-hop culture,” Precise states.

Besides, hip-hop Precise also attributes musical greats as Sting, George Benson U2 to Gangstarr who Precise selected his name from their single “Precisely The Right Rhyme”.

After being featured on a children’s educational CD Mind Games on the songs “Rock The Net” and “Punctuation”, he completed his first solo project titled My Life. The lead single“It’s On Me”  has an uptempo old-school feel that has become popular among DJ’s domestically and internationally.

Precise’s positive and spiritual energy radiates throughout the project and life. He remembers the essence of Hip-hop and his roots that will elevate him up the musical ladder.

Also, Precise’s mission is to preserve this rich culture while utilizing his gift to uplift and educate his people specifically the youth.
“My belief in God and knowing that he has given me a gift to share with the world has helped to overcome that doubt. I have no fear.” – Precise

Precise wrote an editorial feature in light of the Haitian earthquake tragedy that has affected thousands with the mass devastation. It was featured

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DJ Testimonials on Precise’s record – “It’s On Me”

Cadillac music that has a nice flow! – DJ Starr Child

It’s a really dope record and I am ready to make something happen on my end! – DJ D Doxx (President of Lord Gang’s DJs)

Hot Hip-Hop ish! – Didier “DJ Emiliot” Emile-Perrot – Core DJ’s Africa/Slip-N-Slide DJs

Precise’s “It’s On Me” is definitely a hit! – DJ Fly-Bee

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