About Precise

The journey began for Eddy Lamarre, the lyricist who would become Precise. Chicago native Precise developed his skills from his experiences as a child attending his father’s band rehearsals. His father was guitarist and saxophonist in a local band. “Growing up in a Haitian household, music was always prevalent,” Precise recalls. He started off as a DJ but always knew he wanted to rap. After competing in a talent show at Olive Harvey College in Chicago, the judges Producer/DJ Terry Hunter and Armando gave him great feedback. These comments gave Precise the encouragement and confidence to pursue his dream. Upon meeting aspiring artists Chris Rice a.k.a. “Ideal” and Victor Moore a.k.a. "Creole", they formed the group Nubearth. As a group, Nubearth toured in Chicago and regionally. They had the opportunity and memorable experience of opening for Common at Northern Illinois University. This preparation was building Precise the ability to express himself musically, lyrically and command the stage. The stage is a natural setting for him to entertain and perform, the messages through all of these experiences. Precise’s influences range from hip-hop legends KRS-One, Rakim, Slick Rick, Black thought of The Roots, Guru of Gangstar and Mos Def were instrumental in shaping Precise’s style as a lyricist. “I would describe my rap style lyrical substance drawing from the original blueprint of the hip-hop culture,” Precise states. Besides, hip-hop Precise also attributes musical greats as Sting, George Benson, U2 and Gangstar. Precise selected his name from Gangstar's single “Precisely The Right Rhyme”. After being featured on a children’s educational CD “Mind Games”. He completed his first solo project titled My Life. The lead single “It’s On Me” off of the upcoming release of the same name, has an uptempo old-school feel that has become popular among DJ’s domestically and internationally. In 2014 he released "Ladies Love Mixtapes" a project focused on relationships. It was recognized by the Chicago Reader as one of the best projects of the year. “My belief in God and knowing that he has given me a gift to share with the world has helped to overcome that doubt. I have no fear.” - Precise http://precise.bandcamp.com Chicago Reader: https://www.chicagoreader.com/Bleader/archives/2014/12/26/the-best-overlooked-chicago-hip-hop-releases-of-2014 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/its-on-me-single/id440704792

Freedom is our birthright – Happy Haitian Flag Day

Freedom is action. Haitians were fearless and bold in their realization of what is already our God given right. Today we honor the boldness of those who had the courage to take action.
Happy Haitian Flag Day!

Kendrick Lamar set new one day streaming record with Apple Music

Kendrick Lamar (Photo source Getty Images)

Kendrick Lamar is the talk of the town. Dropping “The Heart Part 5” about a week ago he set the world ablaze with his cutting edge video. He has since released his final studio project Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers with his former label Top Dawg Entertaiment.

The initial release of the album was done on Tidal and was made available via other streaming services the following day. As of May 13, 2022 Lamar set the one day record for streams with Apple Music so far this year.

“Shout out @kendricklamar.
K-Dot’s ‘Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers’ had the
most first-day streams for an album released so far in 2022.“ tweeted Apple Music

The industry is abuzz regarding this release. It isn’t far fetched to think even more records will be broken.

Did Kendrick Lamar give us his greatest work with ‘MR. MORALE & THE BIG STEPPERS’


Kendrick Lamar has proven many times over that he is a different caliber of emcee. His album run over the last decade gives credence to that. As an artist he allows himself to evolve and he unselfishly shares with his supporters. His latest offering  MR. MORALE & THE BIG STEPPERS is a well balanced meal in a music industry that has been serving up fast food since the advent of streaming. 

Before sharing this project with the masses Kendrick released a picture showing himself holding two CD’s as if to signal that this is how the album would be presented. That clue was right on target. MR. MORALE & THE BIG STEPPERS is a double release chock full of stories of personal growth and short comings. 

You’d be hard pressed to find another artist in recent times who’s transparency and development is translated so well in the work they produce. MR. MORALE & THE BIG STEPPERS is where we find Kendrick the parent who has gained perspective while understanding the impact of his past. It is because of this impact that he sets out for a healing.

This album is therapeutic and spiritual. The appearance of the spiritual teacher Ekhart Tolle speaks clearly to the direction Kendrick means to take. These are not your favorite auto tune rappers bars. With that said Kodak Black makes his appearance as a narrator, rapper and poet and it is seamless.

The album is so lyrically dense that hearing something new after each listen is expected. The amount of meticulous effort that went into crafting this project is surprising. Considering that this is his final release with his former label Top Dawg Entertainment it’s interesting to see that he didn’t just phone something in to meet contractual obligations. If this is how he ended his relationship with TDE it is exciting to think about what Kendrick’s new creative agency pgLang will be sharing with the world. 

The recommendation is that the listener experiences this album exactly how it is sequenced. Every bar is intentional and strikes a cord from the most basic human emotion. Kendrick takes his brush a paints a picture with 2022 sensibilities. Topics such as therapy, cancel culture, sexual abuse, relationships and fatherhood weave in and out. No topic is off limits. Kendrick is his most fearless on this album and that is what makes it such a solid release. 

I’m not throwing the classic term out there just yet. However; if we are being honest this is the exact project we need at this moment in time. 

Kendrick may have given us his magnum opus. 

Stand out tracks are

“Father Time”

“We Cry Together”

“Mr. Morale”



What are your thoughts on MR. MORALE & THE BIG STEPPERS. Share in the comments.

Ye features Yeezy Gap and Balenciaga collab in ‘Life Of The Party’ video

Ye has resurfaced since removing himself from the eye of social media. He has released the video for his song “Life Of The Party” from the deluxe version of the 2021 Grammy nominated album of the year record Donda. In typical Ye fashion he has presented the world with something groundbreaking and artistically compelling.

The music video is presented as a melange of Ye’s artistic talents. The video is a platform that showcases a seamless alignment between Ye’s creative platforms.

Photos from Ye’s youth have been updated with inlay pieces from the forthcoming Yeezy Gap engineered by Balenciaga creative exploration.

The song originally featuring Andre 3000 from the group Outkast does not include his verse. Ye uses his own verse to thread a timeline of his life and the art he has presented to the world in the form of sketches and fashion. The oversized jackets and other pieces are prominent throughout the visual and serve as a long form advertisement for the collab. Check out the video for “Life of the Party” below.

Kendrick has words for the culture on “The Heart Part 5”

Kendrick Lamar’s newest visual for “The Heart Part 5” is a scathing review of the culture and the video follows along as he morphs a list of cultural icons. OJ, Kanye West and Nipsy Hustle make appearances. The verses speak volumes and if this is a sneak peak of what’s to come we are in for an epic project. Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers drops this Friday May 13, 2022