‪’People’s Instinctive Travels’ by A Tribe Called Quest is 30 years-old today – WOW

“People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm” by A Tribe Called Quest turns 30 years-old today. This project changed my life and my perspective on rap as an art form and Hip-Hop as a culture. ‬

The only reason I even know about Tribe was because of Q-Tip’s feature on Jungle Brothers album Straight Out the Jungle, that I stole from a record shop at Lincoln Mall in Matteson IL..(don’t judge me). Q Tip was on a song called “Black is Black”. Native Tongues consisting of Queen Latifah, Jungle Brothers, De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest was formed, then came Tribe with ‪“People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm” in 1989.

“Push it Along” is the first song on the project. The baby crying at the start is akin to the birth of a new sound. I remember popping the tape into my moms Nissan Sentra and being immediately hooked. Q Tip’s vocabulary and the contrast of his and Pfhife’s voices along with the jazz inspired samples opened up a portal to a world I didn’t know existed.

I credit Tribe for expanding my musical palate when it comes to music. The lush horns, crisp break beats and samples were transformed into beautiful rap music by Ali-Shaheed Muhammad and Q -Tip. I know the legendary Donald Byrd because of the song “Footprints”. Q Tip filtered a portion of “Think Twice” by Byrd into a funky loop.

This album helps push forward the narrative of positivity and individuality into the 90’s. It also delivered one of the most memorable rap love songs of all time with “Bonita Applebum” The Hootie Mix of “Bonita Applebum” featured a sample of the Isley Brother “Between The Sheets”. It was a popular sample during that time, however I’m partial to the original. It feels more sincere and intentional. The original version is a marriage between Ramp’s “Daylight” and the genius of Charles Stepney on Rotary Connections “Memory”. The combination creates a rap classic.

30 years later we can thank A Tribe Called Quest for providing the culture with story telling, bars and love songs on one of the greatest rap projects ever created.

What is your favorite song from this project? What does this project mean to you? Share in the comments below.


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Tekashi 6ix9ine is a free man because of coronavirus

According to multiple news sources the rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine whose real name is Daniel Hernandez has been released from prison. The now infamous rapper’s lawyers put in a request to be released due to the fact he has asthma and how it relates to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world. Judge Engelmayer signed off on his request. He has been granted a compassionate release effective immediately.

Tekashi will complete his sentence under house arrest. He will wear a GPS monitor for the first four months. His release will be supervised and he can only leave his home for medical reasons or to see his lawyer. The rapper was originally set for release in August of this year.

Tekashi is famous for being a troll and is infamous for snitching on his friends who provided the support he received to become famous. He was arrested and convicted on racketeering charges. His sentence was lessened because he agreed to cooperate with the federal investigation and testified against his friends The Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.

Considering the entire world in under a shelter-in-place order Tekashi’s life wont seem too different from anyone else. You know twitter is running with this news.

Did Tekashi deserve to be released? Will he be safe? Do you think there is new music coming? Share in the comments below.


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Joe Budden and Jay Electronica go at it on twitter; Who is right?

Joe Budden and Jay Electronica

The rap wars are back on. Joe Budden a former rapper and and consistent agitator has taken to his new role as a “journalist” like a fish to water. He gave his official hot take on Jay Electronica’s album A Written Testimony and it was not all favorable.

“I hate this album. Fuck y’all talking bout. I hate it.” Budden continues “As a rapper I’m telling you he got smacked around” (by Jay Z) he said

As you know, it doesn’t become a beef until it his twitter. It did and the sparks flew. A fan of Electronica mentioned that Budden had never dropped a classic and that’s where it started.

Joe being the master troll he is responded swiftly, stating he never got mopped around on his own project.

Electronica keep the trolling going basically stating he never heard any of Budden’s albums

Electronica knowing that this will be good for Budden’s next podcast requests to be acknowledged for his contribution.

There is always room for amicable rap beef in Hip-Hop. It would be so much better if the rappers took it to wax. Joe Budden is no longer a rapper so I guess that’s off the table.

Is Joe right about Electronica getting mopped up by Jay-Z? Should Electronica keep responding? Share in the comments below.


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Joelle Lamarre talks Leontyne Price ‘The Violet Hour’ and 3Arts

Joelle Lamarre as Leontyne Price in “The Violet Hour (Photo credit: Eddy “Precise” Lamarre)

Joelle Lamarre is a world renowned soprano. Her voice is emotional, powerful and clear. Her performances around the world have been met with great praise and acclaim. In the summer of 2019 Lamarre made her debut in California when she joined The Long Beach Opera for the World Premier of Anthony Davis Central Park Five.The Singerprenuer reviewed, “… with Joelle Lamarre expertly lending her exquisite soprano to play mother to two of the boys, as well as singing the role of the crime’s victim from offstage.”

In 2017 Lamarre created The Violet Hour. The Violet Hour explores the career of Leontyne Price the internationally acclaimed soprano who was the first African American to become a leading performer at the Metropolitan Opera. Lamarre explores Price from her early life up until her final performance of the opera Aida at the Metropolitan Opera House in 1985.

In February of 2020, Lamarre launched a campaign with 3Arts to raise funds in order bring her play The Viiolet Hour to a wider audience via a new cast, crew and new producers.

We spoke to Lamarre about The Violet Hour and why its important to share the story of Leontyne Price.

Why did you write The Violet Hour?

The independence of being a black woman in the 50’s and 60’s in the United States is so important to me. It’s important to express, show and to allow other people to understand what it means to be a single, black and a female entrepreneur. Leontyne Price is the epitome of that and it need to be shared.

What is the importance of this workshop you are creating?

I want to honor Leontyne, but I felt something was missing in the first iteration of the show. So I asked myself: How can I get Leontyne’s story to the level of excellence that she so deserves? What is next for The Violet Hour? 

So I was given an opportunity with 3Arts to have a campaign, and raise $5,000 and 3Arts matches 1/3 of that $5,000.  With funding from this campaign, I’ll assemble workshop readings with professional teams to refine and mount the piece. The first phase will be with a dramaturg, director, and music director to help shape the script and notate changes. Then I’ll hire a cast of singers and actors to learn the piece as key performers. Finally, I’ll bring the crew together for an open-book performance that will be documented and presented to possible producers. This will help expand people’s knowledge of Leontyne’s extraordinary contributions to opera and the music industry in this country.

Talk about the representation of Black faces in Opera. Why is it necessary?

As an artist, Leontyne Price had a larger-than-life presence and a regal demeanor that inspired and touched people deeply, including myself. Early in my career I used to study performance recordings and interviews she gave. I knew I wanted to do a recital one day to honor her, but her story was also important to me as a single, Black woman, and entrepreneur. For me, Leontyne is the epitome of that. 

The Violet Hour production traces Leontyne’s extraordinary journey from the beginning of her career to her final performance of Aida at the Metropolitan Opera House in 1985. For this performance she received a 42-minute standing ovation, the longest in the Met’s history. This piece is ready to be a complete dramatic work that reveals the full scope of Leontyne’s power and what it is to be a live artist of her caliber.

What’s next for you?

This work. My job right now is not to give up on making this show better and to continue to connect my work of the Violet hour with an audience that will appreciate the art that she brought to this world.  My intention is to have a workshop where I’m able to discuss the development, growth and how I can work to make this experience a loving, fulfilling experience that is full of understanding, empathy, compassion, and  complexity. 

What words do you have for those looking to go into theatre?

So here is what I have to share: it’s important when you’re trying to do or go somewhere in your career to really ask yourself how is it that I want to move in my career? Where do I see myself going? because if you can find that, then you can create steps to get to that.-


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