Are you confident in your God given gifts?

Our gifts make a way for us and it’s important to be confident in what God has given us so that we are able to operate in our purpose at full strength.

Why is it important to be faithful with a little?

Are we truly honoring what we have been given? If we haven’t why do we expect more?

It’s important to manage every blessing properly in order to truly tap into our favor.

How are you building yourself up?

This journey I have been on has revealed many things to me. I am grateful for this. What I have found is that their are a few key things I must do in order to strengthen this connection to God.

How can we produce greatness?

My weekend was pretty dope and productive and it prompted me to reevaluate some things. The main thing was there idea of producing greatness and where it starts.

What are your words and hands producing today?

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Is it better to move or stand still during life challenges?

There is a time for everything and most times remembering that God is in control is the best answer. Watch the video. Leave a comment.