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Good Evening World! We are not shaken. We are not worried. In the bleakest of moments we understand that the universe is in our favor. Our spirits are made stronger by the fact that we are connected. We raise our vibration. We speak words of power. We act in good faith. We move into our good deliberately with no apology.  Those who have left this physical plane cover and guide us. They never leave. We are in tune with this greatness. We are in the midst of this shift. Pay attention. We pray. We meditate. We focus. We are one. God is Awesome and so are You!  -Precise 

What Ladies Love – When is the right time to introduce your mate to your children? How do you do it?

Whats Good World!!!

Welcome to the fourth topic in this series entitled What Ladies Love.

The answers to last weeks question “What do you consider a deal breaker in a relationship?” were very interesting. The number one deal breaker is LYING. To be honest I was surprised I didn’t see anyone mention money. Im learning more and more each week. Sometimes are expectations maybe totally different from what people are actually thinking.

I sent out a few messages asking for a good question for this week and I got flooded with great ones. I could only choose one. Dont worry…Ill be using the others for the coming weeks. 

This weeks question comes from Sondra. She asks “When is it the right time to introduce your mate to your children? How do you do it?”

I cant wait to see the answers for this one. Children are always a sensitive subject. By the way Ladies, invite the men over to participate. Share this blog on your FB, Twitter and Google +. Lets build this dialogue. 


When is the right time to introduce your mate to your children? How do you do it?


This one is going to be interesting….check out a few comments below. Leave comments. Im curious to read what you think. 🙂

Rachel said: “Being a single mom and their sole provider its hard not to introduce your kids to someone especially since they’d be at your home. However I don’t allow them to see any sort of affection or spend time with that person. Does that make sense? I don’t want a bond to develop or them to see lots of guys hugging or kissing their mom.”

Rhonda said: “The right time to introduce your mate to your children is when the two of you have been dating for a while depending on how the relationship is going I would say 6 mths. If you have small children try a public place to see how they interact with the kids and if your children are older maybe over dinner”

Maria said: “That all depends on the children ages. If you have very small children/ toddlers, I would only bring my mate around when they’re not present. I would only have male company when they were asleep or visiting their dad for the weekend. If you have older kids/ grade school age, I would first introduce them in a group setting, fam function, family outing, something like that where there’s already a lot of other people around so its not so intimate and obvious. If you have teenagers/ high schoolers, it is what it is, I would say: “this is such and such, we’re going to dinner, be right back” (no explanation really needed).”

Faith said: “This is a toughy. U shouldn’t introduce your mate to your children unless you are certain that you want your mate to be a permanent part of your life.  I think You should gradually acclimate your mate to your kids. No forced bonding. A little time here, a little time there.”

I know there are going to be some interesting answers to this. Comment…click the area right beneath the blog that says “reply” or the speech bubble at the top of this blog entry. -Precise

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