Pritzker expected to issue shelter-in-place order in Illinois

Chicago -Michigan and Madison (Photo credit: Eddy “Precise” Lamarre)

The Governor of Illinois J.B. Pritzker is expected to issue a shelter-in -place order during a 3 pm press conference today with Chicago’s mayor Lori Lightfoot by his side, according to a report by the Sun Times.

This order is coming after weeks of the coronavirus spreading across the world and essentially crippling businesses and the economy.

The reaction in the United States has been slow. The Saint Patrick’s Day festivities were canceled in Chicago but the bars were still full. These large gatherings are hindering progress when it comes to stopping the spread of the virus.

This order appears to be a response to this. The numbers of those infected has been growing exponentially. This stay at home order is a way to get a handle on the pandemic. Social distancing is more than a phrase. It’s the way of the world.

Grocery stores, hospitals and gas stations and other essential businesses will stay open according to sources.

Will you stay in your home? How are you protecting yourself? Share in the comments.


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IL. Governor Pritzker orders all dine-in establishments and bars to close by end of day Monday

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has ordered that all restaurants and bars be closed to dine in patrons by end of day March 16th thru March 30, 2020. Coronavirus continues to rear it ugly head and if affecting the world. The state of Illinois has been staggering closings during the course of last week and this is the latest announcement. This will affect affect election day this Tuesday. Early voting is still an option and voters are still able to send mail in ballots.

“I cannot let the gravity of the choices prevent us from taking the actions that the science and the experts say will keep people safe,” Pritzker said.

Chicago’s mayor Lori Lightfoot and Governor Prtiztker have been working in concert to assure the safety of their citizens

Mayor Lightfoot said the city would be looking after hospitality workers amid the closure. She also mentioned that these establishments need to follow suit.

“Our restaurants and bars need to comply with this guidance, because we will enforce it at the city level,” Lightfoot said.

Illinois Restaurant Association President and Chief Executive Officer Sam Toia said the safety and health of customers and team members is at top of mind.

“The Illinois Restaurant Association will continue to act on behalf of economic relief for our employees and our small businesses,” Toia said. “It is the number one concern of the restaurateur to make sure his or her team members get their paychecks.”

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‘PTSD’ is G Herbo at his most vulnerable

G Herbo has delivered one of the strongest sophomore projects in recent time with PTSD. The so-called sophomore jinx does not appear to be an issue for the Chicago rapper. PTSD is the follow up to his 2017 offering Humble Beast. Herbo has come into his own.

Lyrically Herbo maintains his street edge and it’s more polished. He comes right out of the gate blasting. On ‘Intro” Herbo raps “I do it for the haves and the have nots, all he had was a half and a glass pot, gotta race till he the first one with the last rock, every day you see his face just like a mascot, trapping out the Honda, no he never had a stash box, stuck to armed violence, that was at the last spot”

Herbo’s voice and delivery carry the pain and authenticity of someone who has experienced trauma on multiple levels. This vulnerability is most evident on “Gangstas Cry” featuring BJ the Chicago Kid. He laments about losing a friend to the violence that’s had a grip on the city for many years. “I stayed up the longest when my n—- died, I poured up some more so I could stop from crying. Relapsed after quitting like my second time, but I know I wanna numb the pain that’s inside” Herbo raps.

The title track “PTSD” featuring the late Juice Wrld, Chance the Rapper and Lil Uzi Vert is a glimpse inside of the minds of these young stars. The chorus is haunting and emotional. Hearing Juice Wrld sing the chorus sounds like a plea for help ‘I made it on my own, the said I’d be in jail or dead, I’ve seen my brothers fall over and over again. Don’t stand too close to me, I got PTSD” 

Herbo’s unguarded approach is what makes this project so relatable. The stand out tracks are “Gangbangin”, “PTSD” “Lawyer Fees” and “Intuition.”  Herbo gave us a classic and continues the tradition of Chicago rappers providing substance. 

Take a listen to ‘PTSD’ below.

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G Herbo opens up to ‘rolling out’ in candid interview about Juice Wrld, mental illness and ‘PTSD’ (Video)

G Herbo currently has one of the hottest projects to drop this year. He chopped it up with Eddy “Precise” Lamarre of rolling out and touched on his relationship with Juice Wrld, seeking therapy and PTSD.

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Wale share his thoughts on the state of Hip-Hop at AT&T ‘Dream in Black’ event in

Wale at “Dream In Black” 2020 event at AT&T flagship store in Chicago (Photo credit: Eddy “Precise” Lamarre)

The rapper-singer and songwriter Wale visited Chicago for Black History Month at the AT&T flagship store. Wale was named “Dream In Black” 2020 Future Maker along with Clifford “T.I.” Harris and Angela Simmons. The initiative shines the light on those individuals who have added value to Black culture through their talents.

Kyle Santillian of WGCI held a fireside conversation with Wale. When speaking of his honesty as an artist, Wale shares “If you can’t talk about your truth you probably shouldn’t be making music or any art. It’s got to be honest. This music is about being honest for real.”

When asked how he feels about the state of Hip-Hop Wale stated “Its good. Hip-Hop has been evolving ever since most of us were even born. It’s evolving now. I think it’s in a good place.”

Wale closed the event out with a few of his hit songs and thanked his fans for supporting him throughout his career.

Take a look at a few pictures from the event in the gallery below.

  • "Dream In Black" 2020 at AT&T flagship store in Chicago
  • "Dream In Black" 2020 event at AT&T flagship store in Chicago
  • "Dream In Black" 2020 event at AT&T flagship store in Chicago
  • "Dream In Black" 2020 event at AT&T flagship store in Chicago

G Herbo makes the cover of rolling out magazine and releases ‘PTSD’

G Herbo cover for rolling out (Cover art by: Lonnie Edwards)

G Herbo is having a great weekend so far. He just released his latest project ‘PTSD’ and made the cover of rolling out magazine. The Chicago rapper has been on the media circuit heavy as of late. He has been promoting his album and speaking as an advocate for mental wellness.

Herbo’s interview with rolling out was insightful and speaks to his growth as an artist and a person. “Coming from where I come from and having my accomplishments [doesn’t] come easy,” he says matter-of-factly. “A lot of people don’t see it. I had to mature and behave a certain way to even get this far. It’s been about me adjusting and maturing.”

His maturity is evident on PTSD and reflected in songs like “Lawyer Fees” featuring Polo G. Herbo takes account for his position in life and how it affects his actions and the relationships around him.

Check out PTSD below.

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Emmett Till Antilynching Act is passed by the House

Emmett Till

Lynching is now a federal hate crime in the United States. This comes 65 years after Emmett Till was murdered by a racist white mob in Mississippi.

The bill was introduced by Illinois state rep Bobby Rush. The Congress has been trying to issue anti-lynching legislation for 120 years to no avail. Today the Housed passed the measure with a vote of 410-4.

“The importance of this bill cannot be overstated,” said Rush, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus. “From Charlottesville to El Paso, we are still being confronted with the same violent racism and hatred that took the life of Emmett and so many others. The passage of this bill will send a strong and clear message to the nation that we will not tolerate this bigotry.”

The bill will now go to the White House. It is expected that President Trump will sign it.


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