An Open Letter to Myself – Greatness!

Whew…This month has been very interesting and challenging. It has been a while since I felt so restless. I feel my passion growing. Im hungry. Im determined. 

The challenge is knowing that this is happening in stages, and for the most part I have no idea how everything is going to unfold. Anticipation, internal frustrations and hesitation sometimes cause me to linger on past failures, and ponder on the possibility of failure.


Failure is not an option. Lingering in the past and nervous anticipation with respect to what the future holds is a distraction.

EVERY experience is important when it comes to the development of this amazing blessing. Every single person you meet, every one of those times when you felt slighted, each situation when you felt you were treated unfair and those moments when you feel like nothing is going right you have to understand that it is part of the journey. 

You are not here by accident. What you have to offer is important and necessary to the universe. Your energy and vibration add to the rhythm of life. 

Do not despair. Stand tall. Be certain in this moment. Live in this moment. 

RISE to the occasion! Bask in your GREATNESS! 

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive


How do you feel? What is holding you back? Feel free to share in the comments. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Myself – Greatness!

  1. Great read!! You know, I’ve recently discovered something that’s been life changing for me. Many have known about it for years, but few actually take the time to practice it at every moment of their lives. I’ve learned, that which we focus on the most, we give power to it. We have the infinite ability to bring into our lives that which we desire. The key is knowing exactly what you want and trusting God/the universe/ law of attraction to bring it to you. Stay rooted in our desires to seek the riches, be it money, health, success, love….and watch it manifest into all we need and want. May the goodness of God continue to fill your life. You’re an inspiration to many. Everything you touch will be a blessing unto you and others.

    Be well!!


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