J-Roc, Young J.O and Precise – I Wanna Live – Video

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Crushers Club is a boxing gym/studio in the heart of the violence ridden community of Englewood in Chicago. The founder Sally Hazelgrove is passionate about changing the circumstance and has enlisted the talent of the young men she works with and the veteran emcee and motivational speaker Precise to help raise awareness and funds for this cause of change and uplifting the community.

They created the song called “I Wanna Live”

Artists: J-Roc, Young J.O and Precise

Produced/Filmed and Directed by Young J.O

We are Restoring The Path to greatness through Crushers Club.

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Text “crushers” to 501501

Sally Hazelgrove and Crushers Club will be featured on the CNN series Chicagoland April 17 2014.

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