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“That Ol’ Boom Bap is charting! We jumped 7 spaces from last week and right now it’s #2 on rapattacklives.com. LETS JUMP TO #1. 

I’m thinking the video has a lot to do with this. If you haven’t seen it check it out below. 


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 (NEW VIDEO) – ‘That Ol Boom Bap’ ft Precise produced by Dj Tekwun


“That Ol’ Boom Bap” is track number 13 on Dj Tekwun’s release The Boom Bap Project Vol 1.

Precise provides an even handed reflection on where Hip Hop is and why the roots of this culture should be respected. “I ain’t tripping on the golden age music changes all the time in a growing stage, and I ain’t hating on the drill and trap but it wouldn’t be here without that Ol boom bap.”  -Precise

Precise provides a clear and concise viewpoint that does not isolate perspectives.

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That time Precise was on “Empire”


Gail Rastorfer – Terrence Howard and Eddy “Precise” Lamarre – Photo by Chuck Hodes

Now here is the story. I just landed in Chicago after an epic trip to NY. I went to see Brandy in the Broadway production of Chicago and she was awesome. Anyway, I just landed in Chicago and I was invited to an event featuring a new artist by the name of Matt Legrande. He was doing a single release of song that featured Twista at the Vertigo lounge. I go and do my thing like taking pictures, posting to social media and networking. A few days later I get a call from a casting agency (I assume I handed my card to a casting agent) inviting me in to read for a role on Empire. For those of you who don’t know Empire is currently the hottest show on television now so imagine how excited I was. I immediately called my sister for some pointers for the audition; I was up for the role of Moses. Moses is locked up with Lucious and wants Lucious to give him a record deal. I went to the audition did the best I knew how to do and waited for a call back. I never got a call back.

Precise at Simon Casting

Precise at Simon Casting

A few days later a friend of mine posts that Empire is looking for extras. Considering I didn’t get a call back I figure it couldn’t hurt to apply. I followed the instructions, shot an email to the casting agency and the next day they sent me an email saying I was accepted. POW!

So the day comes when I go do my extra work. I pack my black suit, white shirt shoes and tie in my K&G garment bag and head to set. Once I get there I immediately get nervous. This was my first time doing anything like this and I didn’t know what to expect. They round up all the extras put us through wardrobe where I get a tie then take us to where everything is being filmed.

My role as an extra was a Federal Marshall. We get propped up and taken over to the court room we walk to the back and Terrence Howard (Lucious) is there in an orange prison jumpsuit. It all gets so real in that moment. There are three Federal Marshalls. We are instructed to walk Lucious into the court room and stand him in front of the judge. His lawyers are there waiting on him. We walk him out and do as we instructed. The entire cast is there and Taraji is there looking just like Cookie…lol. Lee Daniels the creator of the show is there directing this specific episode. He looks at the scene then moves one of the Marshalls who is standing next to Luscious to the side and put me in his place with one of his lawyers on the other side of him. BOOM!!


Precise – Terrence Howard on Set

When we headed back to the extra gathering area, everyone was reminding me how I really lucked out to get that look. I knew I did, but I know how television goes and I had no expectation of even making the cut. We filmed the scene like 30 times. I was happy to have had the experience and ready to go home after a long day of filming.
Fast forward a month or so and I am a seasoned extra at this point. I’ve been called back twice and I’m looking forward to see if I have made the cut. I get an update to my Facebook page from one of my friends that says “Did I miss something?” So I go see what she is talking about and it’s a picture of me, Terrence Howard and Gail Rastorfer in a promotional picture for the upcoming season of Empire. I YELLED AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!! It was so surreal. A few days later I find out the same picture is in Entertainment Weekly (who got my name wrong by the way) and again in Rolling Stone and again in the New York Post and again in the NY Times and again on Spotify!!


Precise On Set of Empire

I want to taper my excitement and play it down a little because I didn’t have a speaking role and who knows how long I will even flash up on the screen, but I can’t. I feel so very fortunate and it feels like a sign for me to keep pushing forward and following my dreams. This is exactly what I intend to do. I want to thank God for this opportunity, I am so grateful. I would also like to thank the Academy in advance for my Oscar **wink**.
Hope you guys watch the season premier of Empire tonight and if you see me hit me up on twitter and instagram @Precise_chi or my Facebook fan page Precise.
Stay Focused Positive and Productive

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“Lyrical” Reality Show Trailer

2015 is looking good for Precise.

Four lyricist ( Lyrical MCs) agree RAKIM is in their “TOP Five”. Billy Sales AKA Smoke representing LA , Se’von representing Atlanta , Precise representing the GO – Chicago , Samm Davis representing NJ … Welcome to Lyrical …


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Precise Interview on The Beat Break Morning Show

Had a great time on The Beat Break Morning Show. We touch on music, responsibility and being aware of who we are. Give it a listen…leave a comment

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Precise Live at The 25th Annual African Festival in Chicago, IL 2014 – Video – Pics

I had such an amazing time at The 25th Annual African Festival of The Arts. What makes this such a rewarding experiece is to think that my group Nubearth was kicked off the stage at this very same festival 20 years earlier for cussing on stage. NO CUSSING AT THE AFRICAN FEST!!!…LOL! 

Anyway I had an awesome time. Check out the video and the pics below. 



10171242_10204685845168653_6245367639757015544_n 10387713_10204685522560588_2186177704615460836_n 10622837_10203548346607073_3361384663935370307_n 10654027_10205204062840982_902060694_n 10656190_10205204062240967_1697341733_n 10660938_10205204062680978_1189658778_n


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Chicago Unity – 12th Annual Silver Room Sound System Block Party – Eric Williams



These days if you ask anyone outside of Chicago what their thoughts are on the city, you will hear words like war-zone, killing, and dangerous. I couldn’t fault them for using such words because Chicago is definitely in the spotlight for the recent amount of shootings and deaths that seem all too familiar.

If you ask native Chicagoans about the condition of the city, you may hear conflicting perspectives dependent on what side of town they are from. Chicago is the most segregated city in the United States. I see this everyday. I feel like this is the source of our problem. This segregation breeds misunderstanding, poverty and lack of gainful opportunities.

Underneath this history of segregation something else is happening in Chicago. There is a sense of community and understanding that is being cultivated. If you listen closely you can hear the heartbeat. The Arts are the heartbeat.


Precise and Eric Williams

For the past 12 years Eric Williams owner of The Silver Room jewelry store in the  Wicker Park community of Chicago has hosted the Sound System Block Party. Every year is an amazing experience and this year was no different.

This event represents what Chicago can be, and that is a true community where cultures come together in peace and love. Dj’s, painters and musicians converge and bring an energy of creativity and enthusiasm that can’t be denied.

My set at Energy Alley was AWESOME and I want to thank Dj Kwest_on for rocking with me.

photo 1 (2)

Precise and Dj Kwest_On

My favorite part of the block party are the Dj’s. Im giving a special shout to Dj Tess, Dj Kwest_on and Larry Miller for rocking dope sets last night.

Dj Ron Trent brought everything together. He started his set off with Maya Angelou’s Poem “Phenomenal Woman” and after that the crowd went wild. What an amazing night.

I appreciate Eric Williams for sharing his vision with us and acting as a hub for the artist throughout the entire city. The spirit of love was all around and I would like to say thank you on behalf of Chicago artistry.


See more pics below. 

photo 1 (9)

Mom and Daughter

Dj Tess

Dj Tess

Artist - Nicole Malcolm

Artist – Nicole Malcolm

Dj Kwest_On

Dj Kwest_On

photo 4 (2)

Duane Powell

photo 3 (7)

Artist – Rafe Pepin

photo 2 (2)

Khari B

photo 2 (8)

Artist – Max

photo 1 (4)

Khari Lemuel




Val Bee




Shanara The Mouthpeace


K Sean


Koku Gonza


Aisha and Rena



photo 3

David Weathersby




Redell Drakeford

photo 1 (1)

Dancing in the street

photo 1 (5)

Young and Old

photo 3 (4)

Face Painting

photo 3 (8)

Shanara – Stacy – Inez – Sandria – Daryl

photo 1 (6)


photo 3 (1)

Mom and Daughter

photo 3 (5)

Were you able to make it to the block party? Did you like it? Would you like to create your own? Let me now in the comments below and please like the post. 🙂

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