I’m BACK! R.A.P. (Rkitech and Precise) is here


It’s been a while since Ive posted anything here. So much has been going on. 2019 is officially 3 months in. Jussie Smollett may or may not have lied about an assault and R. Kelly has finally been charged for allegedly pied pipering all of these little girls over the years. Needless to say 2019 has not been uneventful. When it comes to what Precise has going on it’s a bit less dramatic but a whole lot more dope.

I’ve partnered up with super producer Rkitech from NY and created a group called R.A.P (Rkitech and Precise). Our project Album of the Year is coming soon. In the mean time we released A side and B side singles. “Keep it Going” and “Get to The Bag” are streaming on all services for your listening pleasure.

Let us know what you think! Check out the singles below.

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