What Ladies Love – “If a dress could describe your personality, would you be a black mini, a pinstriped business suit or a ball gown? Explain.

Whats Good World!!!

Welcome to the seventh topic in this series entitled What Ladies Love.

Last weeks question was How do you know when the person you are with is the one?Everyone has their own perspective as to who “The One” is. One thing I notice is that as individuals many of us have so many requirements or expectations when it comes to others. However the truest source of our happiness is within us. It matters how we see ourselves. What makes us who we are? Are we just one way or are there many facets to who we are?

The questions have been very general as of late, however this segment is called What Ladies Love. In the spirit of staying true to this segment I present you with this weeks question. “If a dress could describe your personality, would you be a black mini, a pinstriped business suit or a ball gown? Explain. (Don’t feel like you are restricted to these choices.)

I’m anticipating some great response to this question. Check out the responses below. Leave a comment. I’m curious as to what you think of yourself. 🙂 


Renee said: “Ok, I’m like a chameleon with styles. A business suit could be the better, although I’d be comfortable in all picks.”

Nakisha said: “The black mini represents my youthfulness and playfulness. I am a fun loving girl. That down to earth girl, I got your back your back girl. My ball gown is my mature womanhood. I am wife, mom and whatever my man desires of me. The pinstripe suit is the “I will kick your ass with my knowledge, conversation peace of mind and stamina side of me.”

Robyn said: “I would be a sundress, because they are sexy without even trying.”

Ebonie said: “If I was to have a dress that would describe me it would actually be a pinstripe suit mini skirt with an exquisite blouse underneath the suit blazer jacket. I say this because I wear so many hats. I’m a woman of diversity. I do so many things like most women do. We play so many roles in the lives of people around us and still have the time to look good, feel good even with that S on her chest. I can adapt and blend in anywhere, anytime at any moment.”


Now since I’m a guy…I would say that the best way to describe my personality is urban business casual. I think I just coined a new term…HA! I consider my personality all encompassing, meaning I’m not one particular way all the time. I think that’s the beauty of being alive. Our experiences help to shape who we are and our perspective. I feel as though when we are being who we truly are at all times that it will always align us with the right people. Now tell me what you think. Leave a comment below.



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What Ladies Love – How do you know when the person you are with is the one?

Whats Good World!!!!!

Welcome to the sixth topic in this series entitled What Ladies Love.

Last weeks question was “What is your idea of a soulmate? How do you know when you have found yours? Have you found yours?” What I love about doing this blog aside from being able to promote the release of my Ep “Ladies Love Mixtapes” is that so many of the responses I get are so honest and no one is pulling any punches. I never knew that there were so many different perspectives to the idea of a soulmate. Who knew that you could have met your soulmate and it does not have to be romantic. Thank you to all of you who took time to answer last weeks question.

This weeks question was presented to me by Ashley Webb. Here it is…..


How do you know when the person you are with is the one?


Ashley is either looking for the one, or she has found the one. AWESOME either way. Check out a few comments below. Post comments. Im curious as to what you may think. 🙂

Yolanda said: “When you love them for their perfections and flaws. They become your best friend and you can’t go a day without thinking about them and hearing their voice. You just know….”

Fabian said: “When that person fills in every part of you life that was empty and makes you better than before.”

Camrin said: “Hmmm, I believe I will know if the person is the one by the way they treat me not only while I am in their presence but also when we are not together. Is he just as attentive as he was when we first met? Is he selfless and appreciative in the relationship. Will he make me smile more than he would make me cry. I believe “the one” for me is not perfect but he would be the perfect one for me.”

Tanisha said: “So my disclaimer is that the answer to this question is currently still being defined and I know many may find too esoteric. However, “the one”? Im not even sure there is One. My simple answer is you cant know the one until you know who you really are. True love is not selective or exclusive. Exclusivity is not the love of God but ego. I think there is a perfect and divine mate for everyone and for me, you will know your true mate when you stop seeking. Seeking is the antitheses to happiness but most important when he reveals himself you instantly recognize yourself in the other. This is a big statement because so many of us don’t really know who we are? Everything I covet, love, trust, security and 100 other things I have to realize reside in me. You allow “the one” to come into your life because there is no ego, desire and wanting. The one will give me joy which arises within me vs. pure pleasure that can only be obtained in some seeking outside of me or through someone else.”

Pam said: “My Guy has my back , through good times and bad I know he is the One!!!!”

From my perspective I would say the person who accepts you for who you are totally is the one. I would venture to say that we have all entered into relationships with our “representative” painting the best possible picture of who we are. However we all have quirks and imperfections. Im all about building a partnership and a team. We have to know who we are inside and out. Only the ONE will be able understand this. Thats just a bit of my 2 cents. I am more interested in what you think. Leave a comment below!


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