What Ladies Love – How do you know when the person you are with is the one?

Whats Good World!!!!!

Welcome to the sixth topic in this series entitled What Ladies Love.

Last weeks question was “What is your idea of a soulmate? How do you know when you have found yours? Have you found yours?” What I love about doing this blog aside from being able to promote the release of my Ep “Ladies Love Mixtapes” is that so many of the responses I get are so honest and no one is pulling any punches. I never knew that there were so many different perspectives to the idea of a soulmate. Who knew that you could have met your soulmate and it does not have to be romantic. Thank you to all of you who took time to answer last weeks question.

This weeks question was presented to me by Ashley Webb. Here it is…..


How do you know when the person you are with is the one?


Ashley is either looking for the one, or she has found the one. AWESOME either way. Check out a few comments below. Post comments. Im curious as to what you may think. 🙂

Yolanda said: “When you love them for their perfections and flaws. They become your best friend and you can’t go a day without thinking about them and hearing their voice. You just know….”

Fabian said: “When that person fills in every part of you life that was empty and makes you better than before.”

Camrin said: “Hmmm, I believe I will know if the person is the one by the way they treat me not only while I am in their presence but also when we are not together. Is he just as attentive as he was when we first met? Is he selfless and appreciative in the relationship. Will he make me smile more than he would make me cry. I believe “the one” for me is not perfect but he would be the perfect one for me.”

Tanisha said: “So my disclaimer is that the answer to this question is currently still being defined and I know many may find too esoteric. However, “the one”? Im not even sure there is One. My simple answer is you cant know the one until you know who you really are. True love is not selective or exclusive. Exclusivity is not the love of God but ego. I think there is a perfect and divine mate for everyone and for me, you will know your true mate when you stop seeking. Seeking is the antitheses to happiness but most important when he reveals himself you instantly recognize yourself in the other. This is a big statement because so many of us don’t really know who we are? Everything I covet, love, trust, security and 100 other things I have to realize reside in me. You allow “the one” to come into your life because there is no ego, desire and wanting. The one will give me joy which arises within me vs. pure pleasure that can only be obtained in some seeking outside of me or through someone else.”

Pam said: “My Guy has my back , through good times and bad I know he is the One!!!!”

From my perspective I would say the person who accepts you for who you are totally is the one. I would venture to say that we have all entered into relationships with our “representative” painting the best possible picture of who we are. However we all have quirks and imperfections. Im all about building a partnership and a team. We have to know who we are inside and out. Only the ONE will be able understand this. Thats just a bit of my 2 cents. I am more interested in what you think. Leave a comment below!


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10 thoughts on “What Ladies Love – How do you know when the person you are with is the one?

  1. I feel the person that is the one is the person who knows and understand all that your about and can still accept and love you for all that you are! When God gives us something its never a stuggle the one that you fall so easily with and its easy to just be truth is effortless. No matter the problem can still speak from a loving place and is ever evolving but evolvs with you. Life never stays the same and if great changes can come and you still are on the same level then that is the one you are ment to be with because you will be able to see and build a life and bond together that won’t easily brake. Basicly the person that feels like your partner in life that can complete what’s already there because you should already be complete before you go looking for the one anyway.

    • We do have to be accountable for who we are and be prepared to accept our blessing of this divine mate with the understanding that we are building a legacy. I agree with you. You should be able to grow with The One.

  2. With no exceptions; I will know he is the one because he will walk in the name of God. I will know he is the one by his new, yet familiar and favorable kiss, scent and smile. I will know he is the one when his actions are incontestable that I am the one. His persistance and truth will go hand in hand. I will know he is the one because he SEEKS I. I will stop asking myself…”is he the one?” when indeed he is the one.

  3. Simply put, the one for me would be person that makes you feel as if a part of you is missing when you’re not around them. I know that I shouldn’t search for someone to complete me or that the idea is cliche, but in essence its the other half to my whole.

  4. I’ll keep my answer very short and to the point. I knew I had the one when I found I could truly relax with him. No matter the crisis, no matter the daily stress and trying times, I knew that everything would be okay and that I could just truly relax and stay calm in his arms.

  5. I am single but have been married before so clearly I don’t have all the answers but I think that even though I haven’t yet been able to spot the “One” I have been better at figuring out who isn’t. The older we get the more that we know about ourselves and what it takes to make us feel happy and contented. The more I know what isn’t for me and continue to weed that out of my life I am sure my perfect guy will be a lot clearer to see.

  6. How do u know if u have found the “ONE”? Well my friends it is so very different for everyone! There is no set answer! Some know that they found their “One” the min. they’re eyes meet, with no questions asked, they both just know! Those are the people we call very “Lucky”! For others, they may meet “Their One” & it takes months for them to figure out that they were meant for each other. Those people we call “Fortunate” Then you have some, that meet their “One” but are to blind to see it because of one reason or another, Those people we call “hopeless”. Last but not least you have those who think they have found the “One” but find out that that “One” was the Wrong One! Those people we pity!(I’m one of those, Sad but true)! Understanding Life, Love & finding the “One” is not the same for everyone! In my experience it has never come easy! I do believe that we make what we want out of things, people & our relationships we are in. I believe that it’s possible to choose the “One” you want to be with granted they choose you also & that sometimes we can’t choose, sometimes life chooses for us!

    So in short there is no theory, no test, & no taught way to know if you found the one, the ONLY person in the world that can tell you that is yourself!

    P.s. Sometime yourself can be wrong & that’s ok, nothing in life is a guarantee, you can only do your best, hope for the best & live life happily!

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