The Guild “Hate You Can Trust” ft Precise


Marshall (The Sovereign) sums this project up perfectly.

This album is a commentary on hate. It exists on a continuum spanning from the comical to the satirical to the serious….which songs exist where on the continuum is largely to be determined by the listener. In between songs is featured production by Vision 77 and Sean Ace. These two, plus Jus Cuz, complete all the production on the album. And Sampshon comes in and reminds of the opposite of hate. Lyrics by Sean Ace, Jus Cuz, Precise, Cya, and the Chancellor. The madness is sewn together by DJ Kwest_on.

1.) Intro

2.) Surrender (ft. Sean Ace, Precise, Jus Cuz, Cya, The Chancellor; prod. Sean Ace)

– Welcome to your demise.

3.) Things Get Better (ft. Sean Ace, Precise, Cya; prod. Jus Cuz, Sean Ace)

– The system’s hate.

4.) The Manual (ft. Precise, Sean Ace; prod. Vision77)

– Pages from the playbook of the haters we love to hate.

5.) In the Room (ft. Cya; prod. Jus Cuz)

– An acknowledgement of the surrounding haters. We see you.

6.) Archenemy (ft. Cya, Jus Cuz; prod. Sean Ace)

– We hate better. Also a shout to North Korea who as of January 2013, named the USA their official archenemy. You guys are funny. Watch that shit.

7.) Light it Up (ft. Precise, Sean Ace, Jus Cuz; prod. Jus Cuz)

– A general hate public service announcement.

8.) Pay Up (ft. Sean Ace, Jus Cuz; prod. Jus Cuz)

– A shout to haters of money.

9.) Addicts (ft. The Chancellor; prod. Vision77)

– Be it hating on yourself or the government hating, the hate is hard to stop.

10.) Interlude: The Voice (prod. Vision77)

11.) Sweet Love

– No hate here, baby.

12.) Chicago Style

– An ode to the city where hating on our citadel is more an overly conspicuous display of unbridled and sad ignorance than a respectable declaration of war from a worthy adversary.


Precise is BUSY!!

2013 has been exciting year for me. Amazing projects are on the horizon. Lets go down the list.

1. Ladies Love Mixtapes Ep

This will be released the spring of 2013. This project was inspired by relationships. This seven track..(at the moment) Ep is a loose story about a relationship between a man and a woman. This is a project that focuses on the start of a relationship to the start of a relationship. My intention was to create a project that had some type of loose narrative that would cater to women’s sensibilities and be more inclusive with respect to rap music and Hip Hop as a culture.

The bulk of the production is done Tye Hill. Eddy Lamarre and Crankz from Poland also provide solid production.

The lead single “Take Our Time” produced by Tye Hill is a smooth laid back track that is an introduction to the project and sets the stage for the rest of the Ep. Feel Free to Listen/Buy the track below.


2. The Guild A Hate You Can Trust

I collaborated with some of Chicagos best talent to create a project called “The Guild. A Hate You Can Trust” This project is the brainchild of Marshall “Mars” Lindsey and Dj Kwest On and is inspired by the Cartoon Network Animated Series on Adult Swim called The Venture Brothers.

This project enlists the talents of Nicole Sampshon (singer), Sean Ace (producer/rapper) and Cya (rapper) who form Brown Audio, Jus cuZ (producer/rapper), and  Vision 77 (producer) and yours truly Precise… Check the Promo Below

3. The Anti Skinny Jeans Lp


I am super excited about this project. The Anti Skinny Jeans Lp is the brainchild of rapper/producer Rkitech from Long Island Ny. He has produced for notable artists such as Mary J Blige, EPMD, Redman and a host of others.

This project features the likes of Keith Murray, Buckshot, Hakim from Channel Live, Prime Meridian and ME…Precise. The lead single called “Back to the Basics” Ft Rkitech and Hakim fro Channel Live provides some good insight as to what you should expect. Check the video below.

….keep your eyes open for the“The Feeling” video ft Rkitech and Precise …listen to the song below.

So…as you can see 2013 is pretty busy and there are still a few projects that I have not mentioned. Do me a favor….listen to the songs…peep the promos and LEAVE A COMMENT, LIKE and SHARE!!