What Ladies Love – Is it ever ok to date someone who is married? Oliva and Fitz

Whats Good World!!!

Welcome to the eighth topic in this series entitled What Ladies Love.

The question previous to this one was “If a dress could describe your personality, would you be a black mini, a pinstriped business suit or a ball gown?” Explain. There were some great descriptions with respect to this question and so many of you seem so versatile in terms of who you are. Thats a good thing.

This weeks question is sure to spark a spirited discussion.

Is it ever ok to date someone who is married?


I have been married and I have ben unfaithful. When I was doing this I knew it was wrong but I had suspicions that happened to be right. However even though I was right in my suspicion it still did not make it right for me to be unfaithful. My feelings at this point in my development are pretty cut and dry. I would never date anyone who is married. Karma is real and why tamper with someone else’s union.  


I posed this question at my job and I got one answer that was quite compelling. My co-worker said that if either spouse was terminally ill and they spoke about not being able to meet each others emotional and physical needs that it would be ok to go elsewhere to have those needs fulfilled. I thought that was an interesting perspective.


Olivia and Fitz

I dont think its ever right. What do you think? Please leave a comment below. 


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