What I REALLY think about YOU!


I think sometimes you are scared to be who you are. I think you are focused on issues  that have no bearing on your life. I think you do not have enough confidence in yourself. I think you forget that we have a limited time on this earth. I think you worry too much. I think you get offended to easily. 

I think you forget how powerful we are.

I think you are AMAZING!! I think you add value to to the lives of those who are around you. I think your influence reaches further than you think. I think you are wonderful. I think you are wealthy. I think you are blessed. I think Gods connection gets stronger everyday. I think you are talented. I think you are a genius. I think you are LOVE! I think you are AWESOME!!!

What do you think?


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31 thoughts on “What I REALLY think about YOU!

      • Yes things will get tough just when God is about to make something AMAZING happen for you. During these trying times I am grateful for friends like you who remain steadfast. Because of who we are as God’s chosen and being the leaders that we are we must also be encouraged at times and given advice or even a boost on our CONFIDENCE in KEEPIN’ IT MOVIN!!. ***Visit me @reblamaestra.com and leave your comment (En Espanol Solamente) Give it a try! And I will help with grammar and spelling etc. Te amo.

  1. I think you are awesome Precise! I think this was very uplifting. I often forget my gifts and abilities. Thsnks for the loving reminder – Trisha.

    • Thank you so much for commenting. We are here for each other and it is imperative that we serve as a reminder to what we can accomplish. We are so blessed and we should share our blessings with the world. You are AWESOME!! Share the blog!!! 🙂

  2. I believe you are so RIGHT!. Most people do not realize that we are born into greatness,yet become programmed for failure. There was a study conducted that stated that by the time a child reaches 5 years of age, he/she has heard the word no on average over two thousand times! We are sent mixed messages all the time,i.e. dream big, follow your passion, do you, etc. then turn around are told to be realistic, be practical, put your dreams on hold and other craziness. Creativity becomes stiffled and replaced by mediocrity.We are then taught to lower our expectations, to go with the status quo, to “not make waves, to not draw attention to oneself!” we then perpetuate this sickness onto our offspring and inject that same venom of living an average life into them! I REFUSE to allow my children to not expand, grow and follow their passion! Passion drives everything in life. We wouldn’t have a President of color in the White House if not for passion. The timely arrest in Hadiya Pendelton’s senseless murder was a result of the passion of the community and of the nation! Everything else fron the cars we drive, the music we make and enjoy and the comforts of home is a direct result of someone’s passion! I exort all parents to everyday, tell each of their children that they are wonderfully made in the sight and image of God, they can do ANYTHING they set their minds to and that they are loved and appreciated! If your child wnats to play Volleyball, LET THEM, if they want to play clarinet, go to the pawn shop or rent them one! MAKE IT HAPPEN! The future depends on the future generations’ ability to dream and follow their passion and their purpose…..

    • Yes!!! We have to reclaim our greatness and k ow without a doubt we can accomplish ANYTHING. When our kids see it they will believe it more. Thank you so much for commenting!!! Share !!!

  3. This is truly amazing. I was just having this very conversation with my mother and children about being bold in the Lord as well as not focusing on things or people that do not speak positivity in their lives. We often give too much power over our lives and happiness to people. No man has as much power as our Father in Heaven or control. Then after reading this blog, you reminded me that I needed to be reassured that I am good, I am great and I am loved.

    • The power is with us…give to us by the creator. Sometimes we forget…but when we remember its time to MOVE!! Thank you so much for commenting!!!! SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!

  4. Thank you for the reminder that I so need right now. It’s amazing how you say things that speak right into my situation and we haven’t spoken in quite sometime. Continue to be the vessel that He created you to be. Thank you…

  5. I think this was powerful. I think you are amazing, talented, good hearted, and an inspiration.

    Thank you for who you are.

    May god bless you always.

  6. Too often we wallow in our disappointments and we look to blame other people for our circumstances. We blame our parents, our place on the world, the money we make, the money we don’t – yes, some of us get an unfair start. But if we have confidence, we can overcome those obstacles. So many people have amazing gifts, but they don’t recognize what those gifts are because no one taught them that they are special. The problem is that people embrace the negative because it is familiar. Change and even the concept of better represents fear and they sabatoge themselves. Tell yourself you are great. Know it, be it, do it.

    • I totally agree with you. The moment we claim our greatness the world shifts in our favor. The universe will reveal go we are. Thank you so much for commenting.

  7. I think we have a bigger role to play in the world, we should make it our business to see that we focus on something to repair even if it is our-selves! We have become an individualistic people and this has made the world the way it is now! We need to get back to oneness, back to the concept of community! If you are a better you, then your surroundings should be reflection of that~! This is a powerful and uplifting post thank you!

    • Yes sister. It is becoming more and more evident that we should encourage each other to remain positive more and more. We are so powerful and it is time to tap in. Thank you so much for commenting!

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