What Ladies Love – What is your idea of a great first date?

Whats Good World?!!!!

Welcome to the first in this series entitled What Ladies Love.


What is your idea of a great first date?

I received a few answers from some close friends.

Tara said:

“My idea of a great first date would be: Sunday morning church service followed by good conversation over a nice brunch and a movie to end the afternoon!”

Qi said:

“Its would involve lots of laughs flowers Dark Chocolate 🙂 & wine~”

Nicole said:

“A relaxed setting, great convo and a few drinks.”

Samantha said:

“Respectfully, he comes to pick me up. His smell and dress excite me to look even more forward to who walks beyond this presentation. He opens doors, has me walk on the inside, everything done as a gentleman would. Upon driving away, immediately he lets me know that he knows his music because the sounds of Eric Roberson and Frank McComb are the background to our conversation to dinner. We eat over live jazz. He’s attentive, he listens, then responds accordingly. Steppin’ our little 2-step afterward could reveal physical chemistry that compliments our comfort and conversation thus far. And at this point he has referenced several things he’s noticed about me, but have never left my lips to his ears. We then leave to to walk the lakefront to just enjoy each others company. We talk music, politics, God, and a few “When I was little…” stories. He brings me home, showing that he expects nothing in return, but expresses how we must do this again. We hug just before I go inside. :-)”

Shyi said:

“A man that knocks on the door when he picks me up. Looking nice with a rose be it white or red. Dinner at a nice restaurant. Dancing. Something like reggae or romantic like salsa. Or see sum belly dancing or a belly dancing class where she can show a sexy side. A walk in the park. Then talking on the way home as he walks me to the door. Gives me a kiss on the cheek or forehead.”

Opinions vary on this one. I would love to hear what you think.

Feel free to answer in the comments.

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42 thoughts on “What Ladies Love – What is your idea of a great first date?

  1. Hmm…I would have to say a nice walk or just going to Dave and Busters. Im pretty simple. Nothing beats a great conversation!

  2. In my opinion the idea of a first date changes with maturity. There’s very little I can learn about someone over dinner on a first date accept perhaps his table etiquettes and what he does for a leaving. A first date, for me, would be doing something that one of us enjoy doing. It would show how receptive and open

  3. I tried writing what my idea of a first date my son kept interrupting me. So my idea of a first date is: No kids!in my loud voice. Lol!

  4. My ideal of a first date. Ummmm it pretty much doesn’t matter where we go.Of course he has to be a gentleman. I draw off of people’s energy. As long as we have great conversation with eye contact, and respect for one another. Getting to know each other face to face is very important to me. You don’t overwhelm a person, you give just enough. I love it when you don’t want the date to end:).

  5. My idea of a great first date would be a trip to the zoo or somewhere with a nice atmosphere so that we could enjoy a good walk as we get to know one another. Maybe even a picnic and some good conversation filled with laughs, smiles, and no mention of sex in any type of way. If it had to be an indoor date, somewhere that has good food, music, and/or poetry. The date would end in not him tryna come home with me, nor tryna take me home with him, but a hug.

  6. My Ideal first date would be Dinner @ My favorite restaurant, then spending some quality time talking trying to get to know each other better.

  7. Ideal first date is a nice restaurant or bar, then the beach for a nice walk to get to know one another, and then a ride home with no cookies.

  8. My idea of a good first date would involve an activity that would allow for conversation to take place. I’m very much into having eye to eye contact with a guy because I like to watch his expressions and his body language. The easiest place for that to take place usually is dinner. I do enjoy taking walks and holding hands also. Ending the date with a nice kiss would complete the night and give me a sense of what kind of chemistry we have together.

    • You are the second person who mentioned eye contact. A good conversation seems like to be the going theme. I guess if you dont have anything to talk about what else is there.

    • YES, inappropriate conversation! While on a date, with a guy once, he talked way too much, didn’t allow for conversation to flow or flow naturally. He asked way too many questions, and rattled on and on about himself. After being totally, turn-offed by him, his company, his eating habits and his constant discussion of himself, he then to proceed to ask me about sexual habits and personal and sexual issues he has had with prior women/dates. OMGoodness, this was indeed the worst date I have ever had!! And guys, there are women who may not mind talking about sex on the first encounter, but to remain on the safe side, I would allow her to initiate that conversation, before speeding into this dialog.

  9. A great first date to me… There has to be a good vibe flowing between us, the conversation needs to be fun (not too intense on a first date), in a relaxed environment, Make no moves for a kiss and no sex talk.

    • I like the idea of the vibe flowing. The great thing about the vibe is that you really dont have to say much if you are “clickin” A natural conversation is always fun because its relaxing.

  10. Good conversation involves two active participants.. the conversation isn’t all about him, and also the conversation is not questioning me to death about me.. Just a nice fun conversation about nothing important (on a first date). LOL!

  11. First Date: For me I’m all about good conversation, we can go bowling, billards, something cool. If that goes well can get coffe or gelatto. And just keep it friendly nothing too serious.

  12. A great first date consists of good chemistry & good conversation. You know, the kind that flows and doesn’t seemed forced. The glimpses at one another that gives you butterflies. The subtle, yet genuine compliments that aren’t overwhelming or seem like game. You know it was a great one if afterwards all you can think about is seeing them again!

  13. My idea first date involves a great conversation. An innocent evening just getting to know one another that is genuine, full of laughter, and full of anticipation….a connection. Sitting somewhere cozy in the winter or a nice summer day/evening, has to be somewhere with a nice ambiance. OR doing something outdoorsy and active 🙂

  14. My idea on a great first date go out with that person for a week to know him better,go to a nice restaurant with nice candles lights talking to know each other and go some where romantic place and have fun

  15. Assuming we have had great conversation and our face-to-face “meet and greet” was a success, my perfect first date would depend on the season. In the Fall, a football game (preferably a Bears game) and in the Winter, grabbing a hot chocolate and watching the lighting of the Christmas tree in downtown Chicago. In the Spring, taking a cooking class class together and during the Summer, attending Jazzin’ At the Shedd (Aquarium). All of which open the door to good conversation.

  16. A great first date definitely involves good food! It doesn’t have to be fancy, I just like to eat! LOL…maybe a see a comedy show or a play – something engaging where I can laugh.

  17. Well, my ideal date is something fun and light. I like when a man plans a date. I like to laugh and have fun. I am not much of a dater though. I would rather meet the man I am suppose to marry and just date him. Perhaps me not wanting to date a bunch of people keeps me single. But that is another topic LOL

  18. I would have to say going to see a play or live music then out to eat to get to know each other better talk about the show we saw and the arts. A very nice restaurant not Olive Garden and two drinks at the most and just be a gentlemen the whole night. Then have a good car ride back to my place we say out pleasentries and promise to talk tomorrow or the day after that. Just nice romantic and simple

  19. A picnic is a great first date. It allows you to talk to one another,enjoy the outdoors and relax. If its cold out, spread the blanket out in the living room light some candles with a bottle of wine or sparkling grapejuice and enjoy!

  20. I think this is very intresting. Just to c how others respond. A lot a ppl find dinner and a movie a great first date. I personally think that a movie would take away from knowing a person. This was a great idea for a blog. Romance should never be forced. Yet enjoyed. Thanx 4 giving us a voice.

  21. my ideal first date, he picks me up from my place. on the my seat is a white rose, a symbol of intrest in me, thats shows he has some kind of romantic side to him. reservations at a nice resturant, somewhere intimate, after dinner if not a show we can go for a walk for to a place where we can have wine and talk. i rather he get to know me instead of rushing to get in my panties. maybe some mini golf? horse ad carriage ride? go listen to some jazz? a ferris wheel ride at navey peir? ice cream? i can keep going

  22. an ideal would be…..ummmm him arriving smelling real real real good, lookin real good in a crisp linen short set, and nice sandles, a few pieces of cultural jewerly on.. a nice warm night,me in an awesome free and breezy sun dress, smelling like egyptian musk , cute lil sandles with a lite golden polish on freshly pedicured toes…we start off on an open road, driving and just listening to the air and enjoying each others presence..we both have plenty of laughter to offer each other, conversation flowing…we pull up to a quiet place off the side of the road and dance… and FELA on the airwaves, we really get it in..then lay off in the grass and stare at the stars and share our most intimate desires..he then goes to the trunk and take out fruit and water and shea butter me made and fresh oil which he created, then he pulls out a guitar and a gift for me of a beautiful piece of fabric that compliments me..and i pull out a gift for him, a wonderful necklace made from bone which i picked up while in jamaica..with tigers eye beads and brass clasp..he thankhs me and then ask me to wrap the fabric around my waist and then he begins to play the guitar, strumming ever so softly and then something wails up in me and i began to sing, words i have never sung before, a divine expression of the appreciation to GOD for this moment…he played 3 hours and we sang duets as if we were ashford and simpson..lol…afterwords we ate fruit, drank our water, and just gazed at eachother for we couldnt believe any of this was happening…then we head back up the road, where when we arrived at my home, he came in …we talked some more…he massaged my feet, and legs then arms, back neck, hair face, kissed my ears, and sang in my ear, and massaged my scalp..then asked me..can he paint my body, and without hesitation, i said YES…i fully trust him..then as i stood with the wind blowing the curtain, sitting in my lounge chair, he painted..and he sang, and he offered poetry, and gave me flowers, and i sniffed, and i cried, and i laughed, and he laughed, and he painted, and i posed, and i layed out, and HE SEEN ME..and he painted…and I looked in his eyes..and I SEEN ME…and we sat in silence..and breathed, and meditated and he sent me his thoughts, and they were pleasing, and i sent him mine, and he was in agreement…and we kissed…and we kissed…and we touched..and kissed…then he painted his lips allllll ova me…and I THEN BECAME A PAINTER…and i painted allll over him…and he held me, and we laughed, and HE cried, and I cried, and smiled and danced in his eyes…i breathed his breathe……then dawn broke thru…and we bathed AND WE MARRIED…and we did it all over again………..NOW THAT IS MY IDEAL DATE

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