Update!! – Artwork – LLM – Promo Video – What Ladies Love

Whats Good World?!!! This your man Precise checking in from the city of wind with an update.

“Ladies Love Mixtapes the Ep” is DONE!!!.  GET READY!!! ITS COMING SOON!!

This project was created with the intent of providing something for the ladies. Ladies love Hip Hop just as much as guys do. As a matter of fact ladies love a lot of things.

Creating “Ladies Love Mixtapes the Ep”peaked my curiosity with regard to what women really think. I gathered up a few women I know and asked them a few questions to gain some insight into the mind of women.

Pay attention fellas there is some good info here.

I’ll be posting a series of blogs with these questions as we prepare for the release of “Ladies Love Mixtapes the Ep”. Feel free to comment and share your opinion.

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