What Ladies Love – What do you consider A Deal Breaker in a relationship?

Whats Good World!!!!

Welcome to the third topic in this series entitled What Ladies Love.

The last few weeks have been eye opening. Once you are blessed to meet the person who can meet a majority of what you seek and can add joy to your life you must cherish them. I know Im not the only one who has been on this “search” for a while. I have been in a few relationships and we have parted ways for a number of reasons. Most times we separate is because of something that either of us could not tolerate. A #DealBreaker.


What do you consider a deal breaker in a relationship?


Im anticipating some great answers to this…check out a few below. Leave comments. Im curious to read what you think? 🙂

Nakisha said: “The deal breaker for me is allowing me to be with u and u never really wanted to be with me, and lying not giving me a choice.

Carita said: “No comprise and not wanting children.”

Shaquira said: “This could be a good or bad thing but truthfully, a deal breaker would be the fact that the attraction is not there anymore, and this maybe selfish but maybe the relationship is just not what you want anymore.”

The Pr Guru said: “I won’t date man with kids, who smokes,gambles and drinks excessively! My type of man is a manly man sort of speak! Lol he takes charge and wears the pants and goes beyond to make me feel loved and safe!”

I know there are going to be some interesting answers to this. Comment…click the area right beneath the blog that says “reply” or the speech bubble at the top of this blog entry. -Precise

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What Ladies Love – What is your idea of a great first date?

Whats Good World?!!!!

Welcome to the first in this series entitled What Ladies Love.


What is your idea of a great first date?

I received a few answers from some close friends.

Tara said:

“My idea of a great first date would be: Sunday morning church service followed by good conversation over a nice brunch and a movie to end the afternoon!”

Qi said:

“Its would involve lots of laughs flowers Dark Chocolate 🙂 & wine~”

Nicole said:

“A relaxed setting, great convo and a few drinks.”

Samantha said:

“Respectfully, he comes to pick me up. His smell and dress excite me to look even more forward to who walks beyond this presentation. He opens doors, has me walk on the inside, everything done as a gentleman would. Upon driving away, immediately he lets me know that he knows his music because the sounds of Eric Roberson and Frank McComb are the background to our conversation to dinner. We eat over live jazz. He’s attentive, he listens, then responds accordingly. Steppin’ our little 2-step afterward could reveal physical chemistry that compliments our comfort and conversation thus far. And at this point he has referenced several things he’s noticed about me, but have never left my lips to his ears. We then leave to to walk the lakefront to just enjoy each others company. We talk music, politics, God, and a few “When I was little…” stories. He brings me home, showing that he expects nothing in return, but expresses how we must do this again. We hug just before I go inside. :-)”

Shyi said:

“A man that knocks on the door when he picks me up. Looking nice with a rose be it white or red. Dinner at a nice restaurant. Dancing. Something like reggae or romantic like salsa. Or see sum belly dancing or a belly dancing class where she can show a sexy side. A walk in the park. Then talking on the way home as he walks me to the door. Gives me a kiss on the cheek or forehead.”

Opinions vary on this one. I would love to hear what you think.

Feel free to answer in the comments.

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