Joe Budden and Jay Electronica go at it on twitter; Who is right?

Joe Budden and Jay Electronica

The rap wars are back on. Joe Budden a former rapper and and consistent agitator has taken to his new role as a “journalist” like a fish to water. He gave his official hot take on Jay Electronica’s album A Written Testimony and it was not all favorable.

“I hate this album. Fuck y’all talking bout. I hate it.” Budden continues “As a rapper I’m telling you he got smacked around” (by Jay Z) he said

As you know, it doesn’t become a beef until it his twitter. It did and the sparks flew. A fan of Electronica mentioned that Budden had never dropped a classic and that’s where it started.

Joe being the master troll he is responded swiftly, stating he never got mopped around on his own project.

Electronica keep the trolling going basically stating he never heard any of Budden’s albums

Electronica knowing that this will be good for Budden’s next podcast requests to be acknowledged for his contribution.

There is always room for amicable rap beef in Hip-Hop. It would be so much better if the rappers took it to wax. Joe Budden is no longer a rapper so I guess that’s off the table.

Is Joe right about Electronica getting mopped up by Jay-Z? Should Electronica keep responding? Share in the comments below.


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Da Baby smacks fire from a woman – Black twitter reacts

Da Baby decided to observe International Women’s day by hauling off and slapping a female fan in a club. A video circulating social media shows Da Baby leaving a packed club. On his way out a fan is seen extending a phone towards him with the flash on. The phone appears to touch his face. Da Baby’s immediate reaction was to slap the woman with vicious force and keep walking out the club as if nothing happened.

You can hear the woman scream in the background. You can also hear another woman say ” He slapped the f–k outta her.”

Twitter has a lot to say about this latest violent episode with Da Baby and opinions vary.

Da Baby recently had charges dropped against him in Miami. He was accused of beating up and robbing a concert promoter. He no stranger to violence. In 2018 the North Carolina rapper shot and killed a man inside of a Walmart while DA Baby was shopping with his family. 19-year-old Jalyn Domonique Craig was killed in the altercation. All charges against Da Baby were dropped.

Another violent situation Da Baby was inviolved in surfaced in 2019. An online troll approached Da Baby in a mall taunting him and ended up on the short end of the stick,

We have yet to see how this most recent altercation will pan out. However; it seems as if violence finds this young man wherever her goes. Maybe it’s time for him to chill on the tour dates for a while.


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Azealia Banks is a witch – Sacrificing Chickens (VIDEO)



Photo Source: Instagram @azealiabanks

So I’m surfing twitter as I am known to do sometimes and I look to my left to see what’s trending. For some reason Azealia Banks who is no longer on Twitter because of some shenanigans from earlier on this year is number 3. So I investigate. Well what I found is that Azaelia is what some may call a Bitch except Bitch starts with a “W”. She is a Witch Yo!!

Azaelia has been sacrificing chickens in her closet for three years. She does this for her career and her life overall. Now as an avid chicken eater it would be quite hypocritical for me to comment on the sacrifice of some chicken. I mean I just had Harold’s the other day. Anyway Azealia is closing out the year with a bang.

What do you think about this? Let me know in the comments.

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