Watch DJ D-Nice bring 100k to #ClubQuarantine on Instagram

DJ D-Nice showed us whats possible in the midst of adversity. This pandemic currently has everyone locked down in their homes trying to flatten the curve. Artists from around the globe have taken this as an opportunity to entertain via social media. DJ D-Nice took it one step further and attracted over 100k people to his Instagram Live to party! Michelle Obama, Usher, Oprah and even Joe Biden stopped thru for the party. Check out the moment he hit 100k below.


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The ghost of Michael Jackson trips Oprah in LA during her speaking tour

Oprah took a tumble while in LA during her speaking tour. The 66 year-old media mogul was right in the middle of explaining what her meaning of wellness is.

“So here’s my definition of what wellness means to me. This is my definition, not yours. It’s just an idea because you’re going to be defining it for yourselves.

‘Wellness to me means all things in balance, and balance doesn’t mean all things are equal or at peace at all times.’ said Winfrey

By the time the final hiss of the letter “s” left her lips Winfrey was laying in a face full of stage. The irony is uncanny and hilarious.

I know this should not be funny. I am concerned for her well being. But, part of me wonders if this is some karmic nudge telling Oprah to back up off us brothers.

Oprah and her best friend Gayle King have been accused of targeting successful Black men while they are alive and in their death.

Most recently Gayle King received death threats for her line of questioning in an interview with WNBA legend Lisa Leslie. In the wake of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna’s death in a helicopter accident, King found it appropriate to ask Leslie about Bryant’s sexual assault case. Leslie maintained her composure and stated that she did not know Kobe to be the type of man who would assault women.

The internet, specifically Snoop Dogg was not so forgiving. Snoop addressed King’s questions and called her a profanity laced name. Snoop has since apologized.

Russell Simmons, Bill Cosby, R Kelly and Micheal Jackson (who is dead) have all come under the scrutiny of Winfrey and King. While Charlie Rose and Harvey Weinstein, white men, accused or have been convicted of similar crimes, who are close friends of King and Winfrey do not experience the same type of scrutiny.

It is because of this that I can’t help but think that the ghost Michael Jackson moonwalked across the stage and caused Oprah to fall while whispering “Just leave me alone” in her ear, or maybe not.

What do you think? Did Mike do it? Share in the comments.


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Oprah cries over Gayle’s death threats

Oprah Winfrey on “Today” (Photo credit: Youtube screenshot)

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King are not about that social media life. Oprah visited Hoda and Jenna on “Today” and spoke about her best friends condition after the response she has received following her interview with Lisa Leslie.

King pressed Lisa Leslie about Kobe’s legacy and how his sexual assault case would tarnish it. The internet went ballistic. Snoop cursed her out and got a tweet from Bill Cosby who is in prison thanking him for it.

King has since apologized but it has essentially fallen on deaf ears. When asked how her best friend was doing Oprah said “She is not doing well, because she has death threats and has to travel with security and she’s feeling very much attacked. “ Oprah continued “Bill Cosby is tweeting from jail. She feels like she was put in a really terrible position because that interview had already ran.”

Take a look at the video below.

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Monique goes after Oprah because of Harvey Weinstein

Monique took to instagram recently to give Oprah Winfrey a piece of her mind. Monique decided to share her thoughts with respect to how different Oprah is treating Harvey Weinstein and Russell Simmons.

Both men are currently under investigation for alleged sex crimes against women. Moniques position is that Oprah’s friendship with Harvey Weinstein has caused her not to be as vigilant as she has been with Russell Simmons and Michael Jackson.

The Leaving Neverland documentary about Michael Jackson which was proven to have many inconsistencies was followed up with an interview of the accusers by Oprah. Oprah was also set to produce the documentary On the Record. The film presents the stories of several women who have accused Russell Simmons of sexual assault.

Oprah has since stepped down from the project. She issued a statement “I have decided that I will no longer be executive producer on The Untitled Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering Documentary and it will not air on Apple TV+, Winfrey continued “First and foremost, I want it to be known that I unequivocally believe and support the women. Their stories deserve to be told and heard. In my opinion, there is more work to be done on the film to illuminate the full scope of what the victims endured and it has become clear that the filmmakers and I are not aligned in that creative vision.”

Monique has taken issue with the way Oprah is handling Weinstein’s accusations with kid gloves as it compares to Simmons and Jackson. Take a look at her instagram post below.

View this post on Instagram

Dear @oprah, I felt compelled to write you this open letter after observing the disparity in the way that you seem to treat people, who were accused of the same allegations. You did an interview on the CBS Morning Show and were asked about Harvey Weinstein by Norah O’Donnell, and you said as it pertained to him that you “always try to look at the Rainbow in the clouds, whatever is the “silver lining”. You also said “if we make this all about Harvey Weinstein then we have lost the moment”. When you either are, or were going to be a part of documentary on Michael Jackson, and Russell Simmons, how is that not making it all about them? Interestingly, Brother M.J. was acquitted, and deceased, so how is he not off limits? Russell and Harvey are accused of the same thing so in fairness how do you not “support” the accusers of both as you said you did with R.S. or you look for the silver lining for both like you said you did for H.W.? The only difference between the two is there skin color and doesn’t H.W. have way more accusers? My personal experience with you is you’ve watched me as a black women be accused of being difficult for not promoting “Precious” internationally for Lions Gate, at Lions Gate, Tyler Perry and your request, despite the fact my deal was with Lee Daniels Entertainment. And, how are you for black women when you hear Tyler on audio saying I was right and he was going to speak up but you or him still haven’t said a word? When I was sixteen and I meet you at your local show in Baltimore, I told you I wanted to be just like you when I grew up. You responded, “ you have to work really really hard”. My sixteen year old self didn’t know that you in your silence in the face of wrongdoing, would make my life “harder”. Lastly, please consider standing by the people who are right and not just the “right people”. Love you to life, Mo’Nique

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Is Monique right? What do you think? Share in the comments.

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