Nubearth circa 1996


Precise, Ideal, Creole

If you have ever had the chance to read my bio you would see that I started off as a solo rapper but then formed a group called Nubearth. The group consisted of myself, Creole the Individual and Ideal the Mad Sandpiper (R.I.P)

We made some amazing music. My brother Creole just posted a few videos with a couple of our joints.

The first joint Im sharing with you is called “For The Pickens” S/O to Big Rub on the production. We did this song in one room, with one mic and an Sp1200. WOW!!! Rumor has it that the SP1200 that we used was passed all around Chicago and people like Kanye, No Id and I know for a fact Extreme used it. We did this song in one take.

The next joint is called “Clouds Of Smoke” The back story to this one is actually pretty deep. If you listen to Creoles verse he touches on it. I was a bit more taken back by the situation and created the hook that you hear and my tone in the verse is kinda agitated. S/O to Big Rub for producing this.

It was so much fun making music then just because of the process. We would go to the studio with samples and come out with great songs. Check out “Clouds of Smoke” below.

I continue to make music because of these brothers. There is still so much to accomplish and I continue to hold the torch for Nubearth. This is my family.


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