Cast of VH1 Black Ink Chicago light up River North neighborhood

Photo Credit: Juan Anthony

Cast of Back Ink Chicago – Photo Credit: Juan Anthony

The cast of the VH1 show Black Ink Chicago were on a high celebrating their second season. The Old Crow Smokehouse in the River North neighborhood of Chicago was packed with cast member and supporters’ alike ready to celebrate one of the most popular reality shows on the VH1 network. Fans lined up outside the venue to get a glimpse of their favorite cast member. Once everyone made their way inside the party started. The red carpet was the center of attention for a while but one the show started eyes were glued on the many TV screen posted around the establishment.
The second season started off as a recap of the last season that ended with stories of infidelity, new loves and new business ventures. Ryan the owner of 9mag finds himself hiring new artists for the shop because, Phor is focused on his rap career, Van is in boot camp, Kat has launched her burgeoning career as an artist in to the possibility of starting her own shop, Don is having paternity issues and Charmaine is being her usual energetic self.
Chicago rapper King Louie visits 9Mag after being shot in the head and surviving. He comes to get a tattoo from Kat who he considers his guardian angel because of the Owl tattoo by his head that he says protected him during the violent encounter. When speaking with Ryan he asks for Kat and this is when Ryan discovers that Kat has set up shop in an upstairs unit that is not 9Mag. This is a cause for some tension.
All of this drama and tension was not witnessed on the night of the premier as cast members lined the red carpet taking pictures and laughing with each other. It was a night of celebration and an opportunity to watch these highly successful mellinials deal with real life problems.

Take a look at a few pics below.

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SCANDAL-LESS Thursday – Olivia – Huck – Fitz – Mellie – Cyrus

scandal-on-abc copy

I know for a fact that I am not the only one looking forward to seeing the discussion that Olivia will have with her father in the back of that limo. But uhhhh…We gotta wait. For the record I am not one who watches very much TV; however Thursday night is a good night to turn on the television and chat it up with my fellow Scandal fans on Facebook. I love doing the commentary as much as watching the show. It’s like sitting in the living room watching television with 4000 of your closest family members. I have a lot of friends….HA!….Anyway…what do I do on Thursdays now?

I was having a conversation with a close friend. We were discussing this enormous void (not really) that Shonda has placed in our lives for the next 4 months. WHAT IS WE GON DO?!

We came to the conclusion that we can do a few things. We will provide the world with a list of what you can do during this Scandal hiatus aaaaaaaand we will provide you with some cool background on some of the characters. So…There you have it. Scandal-Less Thursdays is in effect…LETS GO!!!


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