On tour, Chrisette Michele faces music about failed marriage, singing for Trump

Chrisette Michele at ‘Conversations with Chrisette’ at Theatre 47 in Park Forest IL. (Photo credit: Eddy “Precise” Lamarre)

On Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020, LSB Media presented Conversations with Chrisette Michele. The Grammy-winning singer, who is in the middle of a national speaking tour, visited Theatre 47 in the south suburban village of Park Forest, Illinois, as part of a national speaking tour to share a few thoughts and answer some questions.

The show was hosted by A.C. Green and featured several amazing performers, including Keya Tramell, Makeda Grier and Pia Renee, who filled the room with their spirited vocals. 

The moderator for the evening was Cherish Brown, and she dove right into the questions for Michele, first asking how she feels about being single again.

“Great,” Michele replied. “When you break away from something that doesn’t serve you, then it’s a wonderful thing. The marriage was the hard part. Getting out was easy.”

When asked why she performed at President Donald Trump’s inaugural ball, her explanation was a bit more layered.

“When you get a No. 1 on the entire Billboard charts, you think, man, if I say something, somebody might hear me. That becomes an idea for reality. And it became an idea for reality when I felt the country was hurting.”

Her explanation shed some light on her decision. Given that she was one of the early victims of cancel culture, it was inspiring to see her bounce back even more empowered. 

Michele noted that she embarked on the speaking tour after her mother suggested that she get out and touch the public and share her experiences. As a result, she has been touring schools across the United States. 

After the question-and-answer exchange, Michele took to the stage to perform a few stripped-down songs. Her voice remains pristine and powerful. She mentioned she would be back in Chicago for a show at the City Winery.

Take a look at a few pictures in the gallery below. 

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