Ex-cop gets 20 years for killing Walter Scott

Ex-South Carolina police officer Michael Slager has been sentenced to 20 years for the killing of Walter Scott. In April of 2015 Walter Scott joined the ranks of unarmed Black men who were shot by the police. Scott was pulled over by Slager for a busted tail light. Scott ran and Slager shot him in the back 5 times and claimed he feared for his life. Slager pleaded guilty in May of 2017 to violation of civil rights by acting under the color of the law in Scott’s killing.

“We are hurt, and we do have some type of compassion for the Slager family, in that they have to suffer as well. And yes we do forgive Michael Slager for what he did. But yes, we did want justice for my brother and we feel that we have gotten a sense of justice.” Said Anthony Scott, Walter’s brother.

I remember watching this on social media and it was clear that Slager shot Scott in cold blood. Thank God for the person who was on the scene and was able to record this. Let’s hope this informs the Lequan Mcdonald trial.

How do you feel about this sentencing? Leave a comment.

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