Ginuwine brings his ‘Pony’ to City Winery



Ginuwine Wine – Photo Credit: Eddy “Precise” Lamarre

Ginuwine showed up to the City Winery in Chicago to have an amazing set. He did just that. It’s been an interesting week for Ginuwine after certain pictures leaked on the internet and provided great entertainment for his throngs of fans. So, it was no surprise to see a packed house of Chicago’s most beautiful dressed in their night club best waiting to see Mr. “Pony” himself.

Ginuwine did not shy away from the situation. He mentioned that he is not shy or ashamed. The only thing he had issue with is that he has daughters and he does not want them to remember him like that. All you heard after that was “YOUR DAUGHTERS NOT HERE!!” From the audience. It was a funny moment and added to the electricity of the evening.

Ginuwine went through all of his hits over a 20 year span. The most notable moment was when he shared the challenges he was going through in his life. “My life has been going through a lot of turmoil. My father committed suicide, shot himself in the head. The next year my mom died from cancer, so needless to say I went through my time of turmoil tragedy, hurt and pain.You will never get over it, but you will be able to continue. But guess what, after 20 years I’m still here.” Right after sharing that he performed his song “My Whole Life has Changed”.

He closed out the set with “Pony” and the City Winery was rocking when he decided go into the crowd. After 20 years Ginuwine has not missed a step.

Check out a few pics below.


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