Music Industry – $Free.99 – Malik Yusef – Pave Settings Entertainment – Precise


Experience is the greatest teacher. That fact cannot be disputed. Knowledge from one who is experienced has to rank pretty high in itself. This week was the second in the series of Pave Settings Entertainment teleconference ft Malik Yusef of Good Music. The teleconference is titled “Breaking into the Music Industry”.

I left the most recent call armed with even more information than I did on the previous one. What I find valuable about this teleconference is that it’s not just about the music. It is about developing a state of mind that will enable you to win. I’m developing more of a laser focus on what is important with respect to this industry and this business I am creating and branding. I invited many of my personal friends and peers to the call and the feedback that I have been receiving is awesome.


I recently received an inbox from Pave Settings Entertainment regarding my participation and I was informed that I could invite a select number of my friend and peers to the call FREE OF CHARGE!!


How often is it that you can receive insight from someone who is extremely accomplished and willing to share information that will help you follow your dreams?

I appreciate Malik’s approach to the industry because it is centered on having passion for what you do with a holistic perspective. It’s not just about the money. It’s about our spirits.


I am inviting you to your future. Meet me on the call May 29th at 7:30 CST for “Breaking into the Music Industry” ft Malik Yusef brought to you by Pave Settings Entertainment.

Follow the instructions below:

Like the Pave Settings FB page

Send an inbox expressing your interest and tell them Precise sent you.



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