The day I met ‘The Greatest’


I remember coming from the Watertower with Chris Rice headed to a studio session and as we were walking down Chicago Ave I looked to my right into a hotel window and The Champ was sitting down talking to a few people. We immediately went inside to meet him. I turned into a 10 year old instantly. We went over and was like HEY CHAMP and he stopped his conversation stood up and shook our hands. I am not too proud to say how geeked I was. I was on a high for the rest of that day. I’ve met many a “celebrity” in my day but the day I met Muhammad Ali was one I will hold dear for the rest of my life.

Very few people have impacted the world in the way that he did. When you spoke with him you knew the spirit of the creator was with him. I strive to have that type of light. We all have that light. Ali was the example of what it looks like. God Bless THE GREATEST!


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