Jay Electronica ends the suspense, delivers ‘A Written Testimony’ after 10 years; See how many stars it gets

Jay Electronica (Photo source: instagram @jayelectronica)

After 10 years of anticipation Jay Electronica has finally released his debut album, A Written Testimony. The project is touted as his first solo effort, however rap icon JAY-Z joins Electronica on nearly every song. Having your label boss who happens to be one of the worlds best rappers on your album has to be a cheat code. It really doesn’t matter because the chemistry between Electronica and Jay is unforced and natural. 

The bulk of the album was produced by Electronica. The minimalist approach Electronica takes fits his delivery and allows his poetic cadence to shine. The other producers included on the release are No I.D., Alchemist, Swizz Beatz, AraabMUZIK, Alchemist, Khruangbin, G. Ry and Hit-Boy

Electronica went into seclusion after signing with Roc Nation in 2010. The anticipation for his album was high but soon took the road of Dr. Dre’s Detox, meaning it probably was never coming. On February 7, 2020 Electronica announced on twitter that his album was finally coming and it would be out “in 40 days”. The anticipation was reset and Jay Electronica’s legend was resurrected. 

Lyrically Electronica is as sharp as ever. He explains why it took so long for his debut to come on “Ezekiel’s Wheel” “Sometimes I was held down by the gravity of my pen/Sometimes I was held down by the gravity of my sin/Sometimes like Santiago, in crucial parts of my novel/The only logical option was to transform into the wind” 

His verses serves as a look inside the mind of a recluse. The words appear as the spirit of an author who has penned a memoir sharing his most personal thoughts. 

The JAY-Z we hear on this album is the one who once rapped on his album Kingdom Come “Truthfully I want to rhyme like Common Sense (But I did five Mil)I ain’t been rhyming like Common since”

JAY-Z is a certified billionaire and we get revolutionary JAY on this project. On “The Ghost Of Soulja Slim” JAY-Z raps “Now here’s some jewelry/No civilization is conquered from the outside/Until it destroys itself from within, pen/Put a pin in that/We’ll come back when I fin/You can’t talk how I talk/‘Cause you ain’t been where I been,Young”

A Written Testimony comes to us as the world struggles with the corona virus pandemic and the United States in the grips of a national emergency. Electronica encapsulates the moment perfectly in one line. “What a time we living in/Just like the scripture says/Earthquakes, fires and plagues, the resurrection of the dead” he raps. 

Stand out tracks are “Ghost of Soulja Slim”, “The Neverending Story”, “Ezekiel’s Wheel (feat The Dream) and “A.P.I.D.T.A.”

A Written Testimony is clearly classic material. The only thing that would have added to this project is more Jay electronica. For that reason it gets 4 and a half stars.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

What do you think of A Written Testimony? Was it worth the wait. Share in the comments. Listen to A Written Testimony below.

Da Baby smacks fire from a woman – Black twitter reacts

Da Baby decided to observe International Women’s day by hauling off and slapping a female fan in a club. A video circulating social media shows Da Baby leaving a packed club. On his way out a fan is seen extending a phone towards him with the flash on. The phone appears to touch his face. Da Baby’s immediate reaction was to slap the woman with vicious force and keep walking out the club as if nothing happened.

You can hear the woman scream in the background. You can also hear another woman say ” He slapped the f–k outta her.”

Twitter has a lot to say about this latest violent episode with Da Baby and opinions vary.

Da Baby recently had charges dropped against him in Miami. He was accused of beating up and robbing a concert promoter. He no stranger to violence. In 2018 the North Carolina rapper shot and killed a man inside of a Walmart while DA Baby was shopping with his family. 19-year-old Jalyn Domonique Craig was killed in the altercation. All charges against Da Baby were dropped.

Another violent situation Da Baby was inviolved in surfaced in 2019. An online troll approached Da Baby in a mall taunting him and ended up on the short end of the stick,

We have yet to see how this most recent altercation will pan out. However; it seems as if violence finds this young man wherever her goes. Maybe it’s time for him to chill on the tour dates for a while.


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Jadakiss remembers and honors Icepick Jay on ‘Ignatius’

Ignatius artwork (Photo source: instagram @jadakiss)

The inspiration behind Jadakiss’s fifth solo album Ignatius is an emotional one. He created this project to honor his close friend and colleague Ignatius “Icepick Jay” Jackson who passed away in 2017 due to colon cancer. Jackson was instrumental in Jada’s career as well as others such as Eve and Swizz Beatz. Jada created this album as an opportunity to speak his last words to his close friend, his brother. 

Ignatius is not the grimy sound many may be looking for. This project is more polished and feels more like something you can ride to rather than ride out to. “Me” is the closest one will get to hearing early 2000 Jada and even then he laments on his friend. “I’m in a group meeting they took Pick from us now it’s just Louch, P and (ME)” That particular song is nostalgic because he raps around the sample and uses it as base of his delivery.

In an interview with The Breakfast Club Jada points to why Ignatius sounds the way it does. “I tried to do a lot of the features that he (Icepick Jay) would always be in my ear (about)” Because of that this 13 track venture features Pusha T, John Legend, Rick Ross, Dej Loaf and Ty Dolla $ign.

Stand out tracks are “Me”, “(NYB) Need Your Best” featuring Ty Dolla $ign, “Kisses to the Sky”featuring Rick Ross and Emanny” “Huntin Season” featuring Pusha T and “Keep it 100”

In 2020 it’s great to hear and inspired and sharp Jada. Ignatius is a solid project. The live instrumentation that was done in post production makes for something more mature and musical.

What do you think of Ignatius? Does Jadakiss still have it? What’s your favorite song? How would you rate this project? Share in the comments below.

Listen to Ignatius below.


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J Prince is not here for Megan’s shenanigans, goes off on instagram over label dispute

J Prince and Carl Crawford

J Price has a storied history when it comes to rap music. He is the mastermind behind creating arguably one of the most important rap groups of all time with the Geto Boys. Prince has managed to stay involved in the music industry for decades. J Prince is the reason Drake never responded to Pusha T in the infamous beef between a few years ago. Prince said if Drake would have responded the beef would have escalated.

In 2020 J Prince finds himself in the middle of a contract dispute between Megan the Stallion and her label 1501.

Megan Thee Stallion filed a lawsuit against her record label 1501 Entertainment and its CEO, Carl Crawford,to be released from her contract. Despite earning the label $7 million in revenue, the lawsuit claims the rapper (whose legal name is Megan Pete) has only received $15,000. J Prince is named in the lawsuit and denies that Megan is telling any truth in the matter. He went into detail on Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

BREAKING NEWS ALERT ‼️Houston we have a problem Megan, along with Roc Nation Employee Geetanjali Grace Lyer decided to include my name in a lawsuit wrapped around lies and stupidity. We gone get this shit straight. – – Now let’s deal with the root of this issue. The root is a familiar one for me coming from a successful independent record labels perspective. We as independent record labels make many sacrifices along with our artists. After we do all the hard work together with artists, it’s a known fact that major record labels and established managers attempt to poach the fruits of our labor. – – One of the first things they do is criticize the deal that raised that artist from the dead. These record labels and managers don’t want shit to do with these artists until the hard work, risk, sacrifices, and resources have been spent by the little guys. This is the same technique of the culture vultures. I didn’t allow this to happen to me when New York and LA record labels attempted to take my artists- so they labeled me as malicious for fighting back. I didn’t allow it then so I damn sure ain’t gonna allow it to happen to 1501 Records or any of the other independent record labels that I’m associated with. – – For the record we have no problem with negotiating with Megan but we do have a problem with dictators. I find it very interesting that Roc Nation would allow their employee to sign an affidavit and statement full of slanderous lies on my methods of doing business when we have partnered together on several occasions. I don’t think Jay Z is aware of this but only time will tell. – – Megan even though she signed an affidavit, talked down, and lied in court documents on me… I understand how lawyers brainwash artist to milk them of funds in lawsuits that they know they can’t win. Megan seems to be a perfect candidate for self destruction. Any artist in the music industry will testify that a 40% profit share is a great deal especially for an unestablished artist that til this day has never delivered an album. – – To end this I give credit to where credit is due. Megan along with her mother, who evidently could read (God rest her soul), negotiated a good deal.

A post shared by J Prince (@jprincerespect) on

Do you agree with J Prince? Should this have been handled differently? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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‘PTSD’ is G Herbo at his most vulnerable

G Herbo has delivered one of the strongest sophomore projects in recent time with PTSD. The so-called sophomore jinx does not appear to be an issue for the Chicago rapper. PTSD is the follow up to his 2017 offering Humble Beast. Herbo has come into his own.

Lyrically Herbo maintains his street edge and it’s more polished. He comes right out of the gate blasting. On ‘Intro” Herbo raps “I do it for the haves and the have nots, all he had was a half and a glass pot, gotta race till he the first one with the last rock, every day you see his face just like a mascot, trapping out the Honda, no he never had a stash box, stuck to armed violence, that was at the last spot”

Herbo’s voice and delivery carry the pain and authenticity of someone who has experienced trauma on multiple levels. This vulnerability is most evident on “Gangstas Cry” featuring BJ the Chicago Kid. He laments about losing a friend to the violence that’s had a grip on the city for many years. “I stayed up the longest when my n—- died, I poured up some more so I could stop from crying. Relapsed after quitting like my second time, but I know I wanna numb the pain that’s inside” Herbo raps.

The title track “PTSD” featuring the late Juice Wrld, Chance the Rapper and Lil Uzi Vert is a glimpse inside of the minds of these young stars. The chorus is haunting and emotional. Hearing Juice Wrld sing the chorus sounds like a plea for help ‘I made it on my own, the said I’d be in jail or dead, I’ve seen my brothers fall over and over again. Don’t stand too close to me, I got PTSD” 

Herbo’s unguarded approach is what makes this project so relatable. The stand out tracks are “Gangbangin”, “PTSD” “Lawyer Fees” and “Intuition.”  Herbo gave us a classic and continues the tradition of Chicago rappers providing substance. 

Take a listen to ‘PTSD’ below.

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G Herbo makes the cover of rolling out magazine and releases ‘PTSD’

G Herbo cover for rolling out (Cover art by: Lonnie Edwards)

G Herbo is having a great weekend so far. He just released his latest project ‘PTSD’ and made the cover of rolling out magazine. The Chicago rapper has been on the media circuit heavy as of late. He has been promoting his album and speaking as an advocate for mental wellness.

Herbo’s interview with rolling out was insightful and speaks to his growth as an artist and a person. “Coming from where I come from and having my accomplishments [doesn’t] come easy,” he says matter-of-factly. “A lot of people don’t see it. I had to mature and behave a certain way to even get this far. It’s been about me adjusting and maturing.”

His maturity is evident on PTSD and reflected in songs like “Lawyer Fees” featuring Polo G. Herbo takes account for his position in life and how it affects his actions and the relationships around him.

Check out PTSD below.

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5 songs you didn’t know Dilla produced


It’s Dilla month. We celebrate the life of one of the best producers we have ever been blessed to hear. Dilla was an extremely prolific producer. Much of his greatest work is with his group Slum Village, A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde, Common and of course on his own project “Welcome to Detroit.

Dilla had beat tapes circulate the world once people discovered his genius. As a result, a lot of his work may be uncredited or has traveled under the radar and out of the scope of the mainstream. One thing for sure is you can’t mistake that J Dilla bump. It’s a groove. It’s a vibe.

Lets take a moment and listen to 5 songs Dilla produced that you may not have been aware of.

  1. Janet Jackson “Got Till it’s Gone”

When I first heard this song I’m not sure I was fully aware who Dilla was yet. But according to stories I have heard about this production Q Tip who was working with Dilla and basically presented him to all of his friends shared this track with Janet Jackson and she was instantly hooked. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis took credit for this production, but the word got out as to who did the work. This may be one of the first introductions of Dilla’s prowess to the mainstream culture.

2. The Brand New Heavies “Sometimes (Ummah Remix)

The Brand New Heavies were a force to be reckoned with during the Neo-Soul movement. They were driven by live instrumentation and an R&B vibe. This specific song mentions that this song was remixed by The Ummah. The Ummah was a production collective that consisted of Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Raphael Sasdiq, Q Tip and J Dilla. By this point the cat was out of the bag and Dilla was known more in the industry. So even though this is an Ummah remix you can still hear Dilla’s bump all over this.

3. Black Star “Little Brother”

As an avid fan of the legendary rap group Black Star I thought I knew a lot about them. Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def and Talib Kweli are two of my favorite emcees. I had a pretty good idea of the production they used. Imagine my surprise when I found out that “Little Brother” a single used for “The Hurricane” soundtrack featuring Denzel Washington was produced by Dilla. Whats even more amazing is to hear the way this song was produced. It is awe inspiring and speaks directly to Dilla’s genius. Google “Questlove on J Dilla’s sampling techniques ” to hear that story.

4. D’Angelo “Feel Like Makin’ Love

“Voodo” by D’Angelo is arguably his greatest work. The recording of that album took place at the legendary Electric Lady Studio’s where legendary projects by Common, Erykah Badu and The Roots were recorded. This song was recorded because Lauryn “Miss Hill” Hill missed a session. Dilla is ALL over this one.

5. A Tribe Called Quest “Find My Way”

This song comes from a Tribe album that wasn’t well received initially but has since grown to be a classic. The Love Movement had a different sound. It was jazzy but still hip-hop. Its had class and bottom. All of these a Dilla traits. The Ummah is credited for production on this but as always Dilla’s influence is evident and seeps into your soul.

6.Tupac “Do For Love” . BONUS!!!

I know I said 5 but this one had to mentioned because it features two of Hip-Hop’s greatest. This is one I just realized thanks to a post by Andrew Barber on twitter. Tupac and Dilla on a track together is truly heaven!

For context on this Tupac joint.

I’m sure I missed a few. What are some of your favorite Dilla productions. Share in the comments.

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On tour, Chrisette Michele faces music about failed marriage, singing for Trump

Chrisette Michele at ‘Conversations with Chrisette’ at Theatre 47 in Park Forest IL. (Photo credit: Eddy “Precise” Lamarre)

On Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020, LSB Media presented Conversations with Chrisette Michele. The Grammy-winning singer, who is in the middle of a national speaking tour, visited Theatre 47 in the south suburban village of Park Forest, Illinois, as part of a national speaking tour to share a few thoughts and answer some questions.

The show was hosted by A.C. Green and featured several amazing performers, including Keya Tramell, Makeda Grier and Pia Renee, who filled the room with their spirited vocals. 

The moderator for the evening was Cherish Brown, and she dove right into the questions for Michele, first asking how she feels about being single again.

“Great,” Michele replied. “When you break away from something that doesn’t serve you, then it’s a wonderful thing. The marriage was the hard part. Getting out was easy.”

When asked why she performed at President Donald Trump’s inaugural ball, her explanation was a bit more layered.

“When you get a No. 1 on the entire Billboard charts, you think, man, if I say something, somebody might hear me. That becomes an idea for reality. And it became an idea for reality when I felt the country was hurting.”

Her explanation shed some light on her decision. Given that she was one of the early victims of cancel culture, it was inspiring to see her bounce back even more empowered. 

Michele noted that she embarked on the speaking tour after her mother suggested that she get out and touch the public and share her experiences. As a result, she has been touring schools across the United States. 

After the question-and-answer exchange, Michele took to the stage to perform a few stripped-down songs. Her voice remains pristine and powerful. She mentioned she would be back in Chicago for a show at the City Winery.

Take a look at a few pictures in the gallery below. 

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Dilla treasures found in storage unit

J Dilla

Happy birthday to James “J Dilla” Yancy. Today the announcement of Jay Electronica finally releasing his album in 40 days feels like a present from the legendary producer. Dilla would have been 46 years-old today. He left an indelible mark on the world with his style of production. The soul of his creations permeates the mind and allows the listener to travel with him on a journey.

A few years ago while listening to Snap Judgement on NPR I came across this amazing story. It speaks to how Dilla has managed to continue to touch lives and keep his legacy alive through his music. Imagine coming across a J Dilla beat tape out of the blue. Check out the story below.

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