Serena Williams is proof white supremacy runs deep

Serena Williams

Recently a picture surfaced on the internet of a woman claiming to be Serena Williams. The post was on her ig page. Her name was by the caption and when you squint your eyes really tight you might be able to make out a vague silhouette of the greatest tennis player the world has ever seen.

In all seriousness the woman in the picture above looks about 5 shades lighter and her eyes are a different color. It begs to question. Is Serena Williams bleaching her skin?

If she is then clearly it is problematic. What kind of message does this send to millions of Black girls around the world? What kind of message does this send to her own daughter?

Many are saying that this is the work of a horrible make up artist. The thought that the lighting is making Serena look like a totally different woman is also floating around. These reasons are disingenuous and misses the point as to what causes this type of action.

White supremacy is a real thing and it is embedded in the DNA of Black people around the world. The effects of torture, raping, killing and pure disregard for Black skin travel in our DNA and presents it self in so many ways.

Racism, colorism, Black men not protecting Black women, Black women not respecting Black men are all ways that this idea of White supremacy rears its ugly head.

White supremacy is not diminished by the size of someone’s bank account or their notoriety. When you are Black, white supremacy oozes out of every crevice of the world around you. It is because of this that we must call it out at every turn and work towards a healing and destroying white supremacy at its root.

Serena Williams deserves the benefit of the doubt and heaps of grace, not because she is the greatest athlete in the world but because she is a Black person who is a victim of this poison known as white supremacy.


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3 thoughts on “Serena Williams is proof white supremacy runs deep

  1. Hi,
    For nearly 600 years white UK people were enslaved, raped ,murdered, tortured, dismembered, crucified, made to fight in arenas for entertainment and forced to serve Romans in our own country and forced to row in Roman galleons till we died.
    We have all faced persecution. Stop being so anti white.
    White people do not see themselves as superior to anyone ( that would be Hitler and his armies ) and we beat him ( 63 million died )because we didn’t agree with a white superior race ).
    There is nothing wrong in looking white. Am I to say that white people should be ashamed of tanning their skin to look darker?
    Stop this divisive racist nonsense. It’s great to be whatever skin colour you’re born with.

  2. If a man can become a woman, a woman become a man, why can’t a dark-skinned person become a light-skinned person?

  3. She was at Wimbledon this last week, yes she still black. Since she been that white guy, she ain’t won nutn though. That could be coz she getting some from anywhere at all though

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