Kelis says Pharell and The Neptunes stole her publishing

Kelis – (Photo source instagram @kelis)

Kelis is pulling no punches as she readies a tour for the 20 year anniversary of her album Kaleidoscope. In an interview with The Guardian she shares how she didn’t get paid for her first 2 projects that were exclusively produced by the producing duo. The publishing deal did not work in her favor. “I was told we were going to split the whole thing 33/33/33 which we didn’t do” she continued “Their argument is “Well you signed it” I’m like: “Yeah I signed what I was told, and I was too young and too stupid to double-check it” Kelis story is one that is quite prevalent in the music industry.

When asked why she isn’t angry about the situation Kelis states “To be honest with you, I think if it were not for my faith, I feel like that would probably be the case. It’s very clear to me, especially being on a farm, that whatever you put into the ground that is what’s going to come back to you. 

Kelis life in the industry has been extremely public. Her ex-husband is the legendary rapper Nas. They were married from 2005 to 2009. She has one child with him. In 2018 Kelis made claims of Nas abusing her mentally and physically. Nas has since denied all of those claims on an Instagram post. Kelis addresses why she is so outspoken in more detail during The Guardian interview “Well I’m a very private person and whether it’s the stuff with the Neptunes and being assaulted in the home, I fought so hard to have my own voice, even with the umbrella of these men looming over what I was trying to do. I’m not broken. But I don’t feel like protecting the sanctity of the Black man anymore.” she said

Kelis will be starting The Kaleidoscope tour on March 3, 2020 in Europe.

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