Lil Kim Kardashian; Kill White Supremecy

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 8.41.10 PM

Well it seems like Lil Kim has made her transformation complete. If you scroll Instagram you will see someone who looks like a cousin to the Kardashian Klan. At first glance you may recognize who it is. When it finally sinks in you may find your self sad and confused.
Colorism is a real thing in this world. A 2014 study according to the World Health Organization 77 percent of Nigerian women use skin lightening products in a regular basis.
In countries like India many women are raised to believe that the more fair (white) their skin is the more beautiful they are. This encourages and feeds a billion dollars business.
America is not exempt from this practice with nose jobs and blonde wigs and weave becoming the new norm. TI’s wife Tiny changed her eye color. WOW.
White supremacy has affected the minds of people of color in such a way that many of us don’t even know why we choose what we choose. It’s been burned into our psyches that white is right. As a result we have watched Lil Kim transform into Lil Kim Kardashian.
This is not to make light ( pun intended) of the situation, however we must get real with it. This sickness called white supremacy that afflicts all of us must be cured. Enough is enough and I miss Lil Kim from Junior Mafia.

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