Emmett Till 60 years later; Forgive or Forget


The 60th anniversary of Emmett tells murder just passed this previous weekend. I have the honor of sitting with and listening to the parents of slain youth throughout the United States. One thing that stood out when I asked the question what is your capacity for forgiveness. I got many different answers. One stood out particularly. One of the parents mentioned that she knows in her heart that she must forgive and that she is a Christian and the reason that she feels as though she should forgive is because she was to go to heaven. That struck a chord in me. Right now I was just listening to a radio station that mentioned that the Pope is currently passing a law among the Catholic Church where absolution and mercy will be granted to those who seek forgiveness for abortions. Why do we search outside of ourselves for forgiveness? Who has the ability to forgive ourselves better thanourselves? I asked this question not out of judgment but for pure concern.

It concerns me that an organization feels as though they can grant you forgiveness from the creator. We are directly connected to the creator anything and everything that we seek to know that we seek to receive or share with the creator can be done with ourselves. Now don’t get me wrong when I say this of course I acknowledge the importance of communicating with other individuals who live among us but ultimately this connection that we have to the creator is all we really need to clear up minds and forgive ourselves. I reject the notion that anyone has the authority over my connection to the Creator. And I guess I say that selfishly because I speak of it as something that belongs to me and only to me. It does in the sense because the relationship that I have with the creator can only be mine because it comes from me and I have the ability because of what the creator has blessed me with to achieve and accomplish anything that I set my mind to. I believe this. I know this. So to the young mother who believes that she needs to forgive because she won’t get into heaven let me say this. First of all when we forgive others we do it for ourselves so that we don’t allow a chain of presents and pain to keep us connected to something that will keep our vibration low and keep us in a state of sadness. When we forgive ourselves we do it for ourselves to do the same thing release the shackles of resentment hate doubt and fear.

We must not forget where we come from the connection that we have and what we can accomplish the moment we recognize that there is a power greater than us that is been given to us to do the greatest thing possible.

Stay focused positive and productive. 


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