Scandal – Billy The Kid – Black Men Speak


I was not sure what direction Scandal was going in. After the assassination attempt on Fitz I wasn’t sure if Shondra would be able to top the suspense and intrigue of that specific story line. However as I have mentioned on numerous occasions she is a masterful writer and last night’s episode proves why FB and Twitter feeds are off the chain every Thursday.


I am going to tred lightly regarding who the mole is because I’m not sure who is reading this. From personal experience I hate to know what’s going to happen before I see it. My initial suspicions of Charlie being the mole were only half right. Olivia and her Gladiators, Cyrus and the White House staff were all stumped. Out of the shadows comes this character who holds the Defiance disk and will most definitely be the bain of everyone’s existence next season. When you find out who the mole is you will flip and you may have to back track a little.

When I first got into this Phenomenon known as Scandal I was extremely curious as to why the show was so popular and why my FB timeline was hijacked every Thursday. I became a fan instantly. However I have my reservations about the writing. With all the glitz and glamour that is Olivia Pope this story essentially focuses on a woman who is in the midst of a love triangle. At this point it might be a square or a polygon.

It does concern me a little that this powerful woman of color is involved in this relationship where she essentially is the “side-piece”. To be honest the story line is not that simple, however on the surface Olivia is involved with a married man and by most accounts this behavior is immoral and objectifies her.

When it comes to Scandal fans I would not fit the usual demographic. I have even seen posts on FB that say “If you are a man watching Scandal go kill yourself.” That’s harsh. Lately I have been seeing a surge of Black men who have so much commentary about a show they don’t know much about. Many take issue with the fact that Olivia is giving these “side chicks” hope and that she is running into the arms of these white men and that it’s not ok.

This whole Thomas Jefferson sleeping with his slave girl narrative has some truth to it. I must admit that Olivia does get on my nerves at times. She dumped the brother to run into the arms of this married man. It can seem extremely ridiculous.

I am not one who discounts the power of the media over the people. The videos we watch and the music that we listen to affect us on a deep level. In “Post Racial America” this type of story line should not be an issue, but its causing a stir among the brothers. Depending on how you look at it it could be good and bad. I happen to think we can learn a great deal from it.

Is it Good or Bad? Were you surprised to find out who the mole is? I’m curious to hear what you think. Leave a comment below.




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