My Top 10 Intentions For 2013 – What are Yours?

Happy Holidays to ALL of you! We have come upon this time of the year where we have the ability to push the restart button. What makes this even more exciting is that we are in a time where the consciousness of the world is beginning to understand their true power and the scales are tipping in the favor of the righteous.

This is NOT resolution time. This is the time to be deliberate with our intention, speak them into the universe and watch our creations come to life. I have listed my Top 10 Intentions for 2013 below. Take a look at them. Share yours. 



Top 10 Intentions For 2013


  1. Have a stronger connection to the creator and keep my vibration high.
  2. Develop stronger more meaningful relationships with my family and friends.
  3. Be the creator I am supposed to be.
  4. Finish 5 projects sell 100k independently
  5. Go on World Tour and perform for sold out stadiums.
  6. Be more fearless.
  7. Increase the flow of prosperity to me in the form of money and health.
  8. Be the voice of Hip Hop Conscious Artists
  9. Buy Mansion of Star Island and Move To Miami
  10. Buy Condo in Chicago Museum Park

I am curious to know what your intentions are. Leave a comment below. BUY/LISTEN to The HIT SINGLE “Take Our Time (Right Away)” by Precise produced by Tye Hill from the soon to be released EP “Ladies Love Mixtapes”

18 thoughts on “My Top 10 Intentions For 2013 – What are Yours?

  1. Great Post! I agree that we are in an amazing stage for those that are conscious, live in a high vibration w intentions of love and gratitude. Your list was excellent- mines would include your #s 1,2,3 4( however I write books so mine would be make 100k off 2 books in royalties and sales 5 (world tour doing motivational and inspiration speaking) 6, 7, 8 (be the voice of empowerment for young girls) 9, buy a mansion on star island (I already live in Miami now lol) and my number 10 would be to provide abundantly for my parents.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for letting me share!

    • It is becoming clear as we move into this new state of mind that people are tuned in. Your list is Awesome. With a true belief in what you are able to accomplish and accessing the ability that we have been given I know all of you intentions will come to fruition.

    8. LIVE MORE
    9. LOVE MORE
    10. LOVE MORE OFTEN!!!!!

  3. My only intention for 2013 is ASCENSION!!

    That requires me to get my mind, body and soul right.
    Starting off with a cleanse and will be taking monatomic gold and other essential vitamins and minerals to feed my soul. Oh, can’t forget exercising.

    I love you fam…wishing you the best year ever. Wholeness and balance vibrations…

    • Ascension covers a top 10 list for sure. As the truth is revealed to this world it becomes better. As we ascend we gain knowledge wisdom and understanding. You are Awesome Cuz. I look forward to witnessing the unfolding of your greatness. Love you cuz.

  4. Here is my revised more detailed list. Took a lot of thought.
    1. Expand customer base for my business.
    2. Sell sooo much stuff I will be required to either quit my job or hire an employee.
    3. Launch my website.
    4. Start a blog (crafty, fashion, or both)
    5. Reconnect with friends that I’ve lost touch with and stay in touch.
    6. Move into a new apartment that allows pets (I want a cat named Lola 🙂 )
    7. Vacation someplace I’ve never been.
    8. Help someone move closer to obtaining their dreams.
    9. Splurge on a really expensive handbag.
    10. Get my driver’s license so I will,never have to be questioned about it again.

    • Nicole your revised list is so POWERFUL!! This entire list will be realized. We must move with deliberate intention and not be distracted. We are here to live prosperous in all facets of our lives!! I’m looking forward to watching it unfold!

    • Thanks Lumi!! 2012 has been pretty decent. As a result of this shift in consciousness and the ability to create what we envision makes me know that 2013 will be Amazing!!! I’m so excited!!!

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