Ladies Love Scandal….Huck didnt do it.


First off allow me to take this moment to shout out Shonda Rhimes. This is a well written show with a great cast. Chicago is proud of you!!

Now..For the past 2 months or so Thursday has been a busy day on social networks. Scandal hash-tags fill my timelines. My original intent was not to watch this show. However, my curiosity got the best of me. I was able to catch up on the first and second season up to the part where Fitz (President) is shot.

I admit I have my reservations about this show. The love triangle in its most basic sense concerns me. I also have issue with this “job” that Mellie (First Lady) thinks that Liv (Fixer) does with respect to the presidency……anyway…Im not going to get all hyper historical and political and righteous..lets get to the real subject at hand…


Huck DID NOT shoot Fitz.

The final scene ends with Huck (Ex Cia Spy/Hacker) scooping up bullets off of a chair with gun in hand to give the viewer the impression that he just shot Fitz. IM NOT GOIN!!

This show does a great job at moving around a lot of pieces. Sometimes information can get lost in the shuffle. The one thing I notice is that the main characters stay consistent with respect to who they are.

Clearly Huck is a spy who has committed heinous crimes in the name of the government. He has a very particular set of skills; skills that he has acquired over a very long career. Skills that will make a nightmare for most people. HA!… Shout Out To Liam Neeson and “Taken”

Huck is on the road to redemption. He finds enjoyment in his work. He understands that there is something wrong with it. He joins Alcohol Anonymous to work on his addiction to “Whiskey”. He meets a girl…she doesn’t mind that hes a weirdo. He made an impassioned speech to save the life of a fellow spy (It didn’t work). He turned a corner.

The one murder he should have committed he didn’t do. These ex CIA spies have some type of keen sixth sense. Huck knew something was going to happen after listening to the static on the radio and went there to stop it. He got there too late and had to rush out before he was spotted.


……In the episode previous to this one Charlie (Ex CIA Spy) comes back into town after being “instructed” to leave by Huck. Charlie makes a call to one of his many clients and mentions he is ready to get back to work (killing people).

I know who shot Fitz.

Charlie shot Fitz for Hollis Doyle (Rich Guy) in order for him to regain his influence in the White House. Sally Langston (Vice President) and Quinn were in on it.


What do you think? Leave a comment.


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15 thoughts on “Ladies Love Scandal….Huck didnt do it.

  1. I immediately said Huck didn’t do it. One that seems to be the obvious answer. Nope nothing is that obvious and simple on a drama series and two Huck in his own words is a trained killer. If he had attempted the shoot Fitz, Fitz would be dead!!!

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  3. OMG!!! I completely forgot about that phone call Charlie made! I’ve been saying forever that Hollis set up the shooting, but I didn’t think Huck really did it. Good eye! 🙂

  4. I don’t think Huck did it either. Actually I think that it was one of the other agents that were introduced in an earlier episode when they brought all the killers together. I think it was the other younger man. I also think that the person who called the hit was the person the president lost to(the govenor) or it could have been the presidents wife…for some reason I don’t think this baby is actually the presidents. I could be over thinking it but I have all the episodes on DVR and I’ve rewatched them. Then there could actually be more then one shooter but I don’t think Huck did it.
    In this episode there were many subtle references to real life things. The reference to Sally Hemmings, the white and black dress when they had sex in the White House and the red hoodie that Huck was wearing. There was alot going on…u just had to pay attention but not just pay attention on the surface.

  5. I dont think Huck did it either, BUT your “got there too late” theory doesn’t work because we saw Huck pick up bullet shell casings from the ground, so whe know for sure that SHOTS WERE FIRED by Huck, but the question is at whom? And from what I gathered, there were 5 shots fired and Huck only picked up 4 shell casings. Like I said, I don’t think he did it. I think Sally Langston was the one that ordered the shooting. Why wasn’t she at the birthday party? She was orchestrating the assassination, thats why! Thats why she RUSHED to become President without caring what the condition of Fitz was. She assumed he was going to die. She WANTS him dead. Also do not agree that Quinn is in on it. Quinn is never in on anything. She might have figured out how Huck “abducted” her, but thats all she knows.

  6. I think mellie might have something to do with it because we seen her practilly begging Fitz not go when they were in the car so like she was having second thoughts????

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