What Ladies Love – What are the Top 5 Qualities you look for in a man?

Whats Good World!!!!!!

Welcome to the second topic in this series entitled What Ladies Love.

I’ve been in a few relationships the operative word is “been”. For some reason or another they ended. I was in a seven year marriage that ended mainly because I dont think we REALLY knew each other at all. Ultimately I would say it was because we were not compatible and speaking for myself I wasn’t really clear about what I wanted.

Im at a point in my growth where I have a clear understanding of what Im looking for and I know when I see it. Im interested in what you think.


What are the Top 5 qualities you look for in a man?


I got some good answers to this. Leave your answer in the comments.Im curious to read what you think. 🙂

Nicole said:

1. Sense of humor (I love to laugh)
2. Driven (definitely needs goals)
3. Style (gotta be fly at all times)
4. Kindness/romantic (no one  likes a grouch)
5. Secure (trust issues are a definite turn off)

Natacha  said

I always look in a man to be

  1. serious
  2. not a player,
  3. honest,
  4. know how to love 
  5. always make me happy

I know there are going to be some interesting answers to this. Comment…click the area right beneath the blog that says “reply” or the speech bubble at the top of this blog entry. -Precise

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50 thoughts on “What Ladies Love – What are the Top 5 Qualities you look for in a man?

  1. Mer-C’s TOP 5 Turn ons: 1:Money 2:Boxing 3:A Beast on the mic 4:A man who knows how to use his mouth for more than talking shit,smoking,lying and games im just speaking truth lbs

  2. 1. Honesty (We are grown, no reason to lie)

    2. A Friend Foremost

    3. A driven Individual (Someone who is on the grind with current and future endeavors…..not just taking about being on the grind, “PHYSICALLY” on it attempting to make that goal happen).

    4. An employed man who has stability at is place of employment. A SMART worker not so much a HARD worker.

    5. A man who can keep me stimulated within all facets ( sex, mental, conversation…etc). He has to be “experienced” with what he is SAYING” to me and “DOING” to me if ya catch my drift 😉

    • 1. Spritually grounded. Meaning have the same beliefs I do because it wont work if we cant connect spiritually.
      2. Intelligent; nothing worse than an ignorant partner intelligence is more than education its being able to think on a higher level and conduct oneself accordingly.
      3. Is a gentleman; understands how to treat a lady. Opens the door pulls out the chair handles a woman like a woman.
      4. Knows how to disagree. we arent always going to see eye to eye but knowing how to argue without “hitting below the belt” is so important.

      4. Honest and trustworthy. Honest about who they are where they want to go and can depend on and trust what they say.

  3. Top 5…hmmm…

    1. Intelligent. I spent a long time with an intellectually inferior man, trying to pretend it didn’t matter, but at the end of the day, I don’t respect a man that I have to teach, or one who forces me to dumb down my speech. He should be able to get all my jokes, high and low brow. He must be able to teach me because advancing my intellect is important to me.

    2. Take charge. Wishy-washy, uncertain, directionless men irritate me. He should be a boss in every way. Make it happen. The go getter will go get her…and she will come willingly. 🙂

    3. Affectionate. I am so he must be.

    4. Generous. Giving of his time, thoughts, and gifts. I love gifts. Every man I date knows that. The ones who cater to it get to stick around, lol.

    5. Honest. I am as honest as they come. He has to be as well. He must also know what honesty is and how it is best applied.

  4. My Top Five is simple:
    1. Ambition – Nothing sexier than a man with drive and know how
    2. Integrity – He says what he means and mean what he says
    3. Intellegence – I am well read, and if he doesn’t know much, we will not have anything to talk about
    4. Sense of Humor – I am a jokester, I love to laugh, I love a man that knows how to laugh at life
    5. Sense of Self – I need my man to be conscious knowing who he is, what nation he is from and his God given dominion on this earth.

  5. A man who respects women
    A man that puts me on a pedastal
    A man who is a great lover, in every aspect
    A man who is responsible and mature
    And a man who loves Jah!

  6. 1. He’s ready for a monogamous relationship with me.
    2. He’s in a position to be with me (financially, emotionally, etc).
    3. He and I share the same or similar values.
    4. We communicate well together.
    5. He loves me.

  7. I want to date someone who is like me: affectionate, attentive, compassionate, someone who I can talk all night with and enjoy every min. Someone capable of passion both in and out of the bedroom.

  8. Top 5 Qualities I look for in A Man

    1. Someone who is well matured mentally and emotionally that can take care of his responsiblities without me having to say something ALL the time.
    2. Someone who can give me that protection, providing senses
    3. Someone who is highly intelligent but doesn’t come off as a “smart ass”
    4. Great sense of humor who can just be themselves

  9. 1.) I want a man that is “Seasoned but not Salty and Weathered but not Worn”. After going through a thing or two I have learned about me and now know what I can and can not do so I try to avoid what doesn’t work for me.
    2.) Great Chemistry is a must! Sometimes good on paper doesn’t translate into a good time.
    3.) Smart and Witty— Keep me on my toes!
    4.) A Loyal Rider— Decide we are a pair and we are gonna do this, mean it, and do this. The 2 become the 1.
    5.) Work ethic is a must.

  10. Wow this is a loaded question and I have to say the same I’ve also BEEN in relationships and basically found out that we weren’t on the same level or I gave more than I received (a lot more). I have learned to be happy with my singleness and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying it until that one comes along! So with that said my top 5 qualities I look for in a man are….
    1. Completely satisfied with himself and where he is in life
    2. Able to see that there is more to life than what is
    3. Respectful to any woman he speaks to or of
    4. Chivalry is not dead and is a must!
    5. Intelligent -able to hold a meaningful conversation.

  11. Top 5 Qualities

    1. Spiritual Connection/Balance (Maat)
    2. Health/Divine Mind/Body
    3. Creativity/Self Employed/
    4. Warrior/Community Protector/Leader
    5. Service/Mentor/Teacher/Student
    the bonus is last for a reason, if he has a sense of any of the top 5, i got you… being in union with me… guess what…..”YOU GONNA LEARN TODAYY!!”….haaaaaaaa!!!!

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  13. I’m interested in knowing what a man wants. Some say their needs are simple, yet they are very critical…anything but simple. Be not to be defiant, I’d love to have a man who 1) communicates, 2) is respectful, 3) is a leader, 4) is articulate and 5) loves me

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